Forthcoming Webinars

Managing people in the virtual world: How do we need to adapt to enable our people to perform at their best?

Monday 25th January 2021 – 10:00am – 11:00am

The Covid pandemic brought an abrupt change to working practices for many organisations and people leaders, meaning an urgent need to adapt in leading teams and individuals without human in-person contact. We all know that it is better for many interactions (such as having difficult conversations and managing performance) to happen face to face but when we are limited in our ability to do this we have no choice but to find new ways to carry out our leadership responsibilities.

In the more traditional organisational cultures, the perception of presenteeism has been challenged and those who thought it wasn’t possible to perform the operation remotely have been proved wrong. There are many who have found the reduction in commuting time and ability to be present at home a welcome change, however there are those who have struggled with managing the home / work life boundaries and lack of routine and are eager to return to working as they did before.

There is no doubt that ways of work have shifted and will not return to what we did before and this leaves many people managers with a significant gap in their capability to enable their people to perform at their best.

Join our team of panellists to hear their thoughts on what has been a game changer for people and organisations in working remotely and what have been the biggest challenges in helping people to adapt to working in this new world. Chaired by Jo Bristow, our People Development Manager, our panel of employee engagement, communication and people experts share their personal experiences and those of working with people and teams across a variety of sectors.

On-demand Webinars

Becoming a working parent in 2020: What’s new for employers and individuals starting/growing their family now?

26th November 2020

Long has momentum been gaining for the case to better support expectant and new (and, of course, existing!) parents in the workplace.

The introduction of Shared Parental leave, greater transparency around gender pay gap reporting (albeit, hampered this year), more open dialogue in the workplace on issues such as fertility, and a shift to more flexible working have been important catalysts and enablers for those starting or growing their families. And, much more can be done to improve things for both new parents and their employers.

The huge impact on social, economic and healthcare dynamics this year, in association with lockdown, remote working, organisational restructures, furlough and health & safety considerations, amongst others, has made the adventure of becoming a new working parent even more ‘interesting’! What has this meant for new parents and employers, for better or worse, and how might it shape how we move forward?

In this panel discussion, we hear from a range of individuals who are both passionate and expert in the area of parental transitions – Employment law specialists who support flexible and agile working requests as well as advising on legal obligations, in-house Diversity & HR leads, researchers and speakers on the topic of working parenthood and experts in delivering programmes of support for new parents.

Supporting survivors – how can we support people who remain following redundancies?

21st October 2020

If your organisation is either planning or in the process of a restructure and people are leaving as a result of redundancy, it can leave an emotional wake for those left behind.

Join Jo Bristow and Sue Foxley, our expert coach and facilitators at Connor who will be talking about what we know to be important to individuals and how we work with organisations to support their people so they have the ability to move forward at a quicker pace to realise the benefits of the restructure.

Reconnecting teams for success

19th August 2020

Things have changed. Can we simply ‘switch things back on’ and expect our teams to function as well as they did before? Likely not. So, what can we do to help?

Whether you’re thinking about re-integrating team members following furlough, reconnecting teams that have been physically distanced or simply wanting to re-galvanise and re-energise teams and their performance, join us for this webinar as we share real life stories, advice and helpful content for helping teams succeed through this period and beyond.