On-demand Webinars

Supporting survivors – how can we support people who remain following redundancies?

21st October 2020

If your organisation is either planning or in the process of a restructure and people are leaving as a result of redundancy, it can leave an emotional wake for those left behind.

Join Jo Bristow and Sue Foxley, our expert coach and facilitators at Connor who will be talking about what we know to be important to individuals and how we work with organisations to support their people so they have the ability to move forward at a quicker pace to realise the benefits of the restructure.

Reconnecting teams for success

19th August 2020

Things have changed. Can we simply ‘switch things back on’ and expect our teams to function as well as they did before? Likely not. So, what can we do to help?

Whether you’re thinking about re-integrating team members following furlough, reconnecting teams that have been physically distanced or simply wanting to re-galvanise and re-energise teams and their performance, join us for this webinar as we share real life stories, advice and helpful content for helping teams succeed through this period and beyond.