Connor Conversations

Connor Conversations

Welcome to Connor Conversations our podcast series that is designed to look at the important issues and items that are high on the HR agenda at the moment.

Episode 3: The Importance of Neurodiversity

In this episode of Connor Conversations, Nicky speaks with two guests from Cavendish Education – Rachel Slevin, Group People Director, and Joanne Houston, Programme Leader for Cavendish Works. The pair discuss the importance of neurodiversity and its impact on recruitment, as well as how businesses can benefit from a neurodiverse workforce.

Glossary of terms 

Neurodiversity – The infinite variation of human cognitive function

Neurodivergent – Used to describe somebody whose thinking style is different to what is considered typical, or “neurotypical”

SEND – Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Episode 2: Parental Returner Programmes – what makes them successful?

In this episode of Connor Conversations, Nicky speaks with Rebecca Corker, Head of HR at McLaren Automotive, on the topic of parental returners. Rebecca discusses her own experiences as a working parent, explores the different experiences that working parents face, and sheds light on the factors that affect the success of parental returner programmes.

Episode 1: Sustainability in SMEs

For our first episode of Connor Conversations, Nicky Speaks with Richard Kleiner, CEO of Gerald Edelman, on the topic of sustainability. Richard discusses how to introduce sustainability initiatives, policies, and principles in SMEs, based on his own experience, and addresses the challenges you may face along the way.

An introduction to Connor Conversations

Nicky Valmas, Connor’s Director of Organisational Change and HR Services, introduces the Connor Conversations podcast series.