Resilience workshops and adapting to change

Building resilience to thrive in a changing landscape.

Build resilience in the workplace through our coaching and workshops

We support leaders and managers, and anyone across your organisation who needs to build their resilience and adapt to a changing environment.

Our award-nominated content combines a unique blend of human science and practical tools, facilitated by experts in change and resilience.

Modules can be run for teams or mixed groups and are personalised to your specific business challenges and environment. They can be delivered face-to-face or virtually to suit your needs.

"This is the best money I've spent. The whole team now act in a controlled, confident manner with visitors."


For leaders and managers: Leading through change

Your leaders and managers (and change agents) will have the most significant impact on others during change and challenging times. They will be going through their own change journey as well as needing to role model and lead others successfully through transition.

Our ‘Leading through change’ modules are tailored to your particular objectives and help your leaders and managers to:

  • Understand their role in leading other through volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

  • Create a change mindset and culture in their team

  • Have a clear, compelling and consistent narrative to tell around the organisational change journey

  • Remain resilient and help others to be, while changing at pace

  • Understand their own change needs, and the needs of others including personal motivators and blockers

  • Align their team with the org strategy, protect ‘business as usual’ activities and retain key talent through change and challenging times

  • Come away with a tangible ‘change success’ plan that can be implemented immediately

“What we achieved was miraculous and we couldn't have done this without you.”


For everyone: Building resilience and adapting through change

Responding to volatility, uncertainly, complexity and ambiguity can leave your people feeling like their resilience levels are running low. This can impact health, mood, productivity and talent retention.

Our ‘Building resilience’ and ‘Adapting through change’ modules are tailored to your particular objectives and help people at all levels to:

  • Explore what resilience is, what impacts it and how to build it

  • Understand the process of change – focusing on what is ending and moving towards new beginnings

  • Examine what’s within our control and influence, and where we should focus our energy

  • Understand the concept of ‘re-framing’ and how to maintain a positive mindset whilst adapting to our changing world

  • Focus on personal and organisational objectives during ambiguity

  • Develop personal strategies to thrive during change and challenging times

These modules are supported by a range of innovative embedding activities such as adaptive coaching.

"This was a safe space in which to invest thoughts, feelings and emotions during a really challenging and difficult period of change. Also the facilitator was empathetic and able to recognise when to change track and give us time to reflect and look at ways to change perspective on our thinking."

"The workshop has certainly given me a new way of thinking and recognition of things I can’t change but can approach from a new and different perspective."

The benefits for your organisation

By proactively supporting your people with a specific change or ongoing ambiguity rather than leaving it up to chance, you can:

  • Build resilient leadership, thinking, mindset and behaviours

  • Retain key talent through challenging times

  • Equip your people with a positive change mindset and a personal toolkit to lead and adapt through change

  • Enable your people to visualise and move towards positive outcomes and a brighter future rather than be limited by fear

  • Build awareness of psychological and emotional reactions in oneself and others

  • Smooth bumps in engagement, productivity and performance

“We saw an instant change in beliefs and behaviours.”


How can you support your people to adapt to the current changing landscape?

We are experiencing an unprecedented level of change within a concentrated time period and on a global scale. This can result in a break down in personal resilience and an inability to cope with the changing demands. By supporting your people and teams to build or re-build their resilience and to understand how they individually respond to change, you can maintain performance, increase creativity and enable teams to remain connected. In addition to the below, talk to us about our ‘Reconnecting teams for success’ bitesize virtual workshops to enable teams through this period.

Why Connor?

With over 25 years of expertise, Connor consultants know the marketplace inside-out. We have the deep industry knowledge, understanding and resources to manage even large-scale, global outplacement programmes. We also offer programmes to support individuals in other stages of career transition, from career break returners to those considering retirement.

We’re proud to be different to other outplacement companies. When you work with Connor, you receive

  • Face-to-face outplacement support for as long as you need it – our unique promise.
  • Tailored outplacement programmes that benefit the individual and the business.
  • Unlimited access to psychometric tools, as well as our acclaimed Connor career centre.
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Historic Royal Palaces

Increasing team capabilities and resilience to meet rising customer service expectations
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Client stories

Resilience lessons from a summer staycation

Building resilience and supporting others is a huge part of the work we do at Connor
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