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Helping organisations to support their people’s career journey

The impact of having a work coach

Career coaching is a sequence of thoughtfully planned meetings, conducted with an experienced coach or consultant, in which we help your people better understand their knowledge, skills and aspirations in either your business or in their wider career.

We help your people to identify the environment and role that will make them shine most brightly, giving them clarity in their career aspirations and helping them to optimise their talents.

Who is it for?

Below is a list of the most common scenarios where our career coaching services can help, although this list is not exhaustive. It is unlikely that the service will neatly fit into just one of the camps below; typically it’s a hybrid several areas:

  • High potential talent looking to set out a clear career path within the organisation
  • People who have upcoming role or project challenges
  • People who require succession development
  • High potential ‘flight risks’
  • People who have lost their ‘mojo’ or ‘spark’ or are simply unsure about their future career path
  • People struggling to adapt to a role change
  • People who are not sure they are in the right role
  • People who may be disengaged with their role or the company
  • People who may benefit from making some tough career choices but don’t have the confidence to do so

How it works

Everyone’s different and our career coaching services reflect that. Below we outline a typical career coaching journey however, the frequency, amount and timeframe of coaching will be tailored specifically to the individual.

Step 1 – matching your people with the right career coach

Chemistry matching between the individual and their selected career coach, to ensure we get the right match for a trusting and open relationship to be formed.

Step 2 – coaching set-up

Typically, we would commence with a three-way conversation between your individual, their manager/sponsor and their coach, to agree objectives, outcomes, roles and responsibilities.

Step 3 – core coaching programme of six face to face meetings

We agree with you the duration and format of the coaching programme, to best suit the individual and your desired outcomes. This may include a fixed set of sessions at regular intervals or a more flexible ‘pool’ of career coaching hours, delivered virtually or face-to-face.

We would also include any tools that might be particularly helpful to the conversation, for example questionnaires that explore the individual’s key drivers.

Step 4 – coaching review and hand-back

A meeting to facilitate a second three-way conversation between your individual, their manager and their career coach, to review the outcomes of the coaching programme and agree next steps.

What positive changes do our career coaching candidates achieve?

  • A better understanding of themselves from a career and work perspective
  • Clarity and focus about what is next in their career
  • Alignment with their manager/sponsor about their future career pathway
  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, self-belief and confidence
  • A clear development plan to support next career steps
  • More effective personal impact
  • Greater ability to influence upwards

What do our career coaching services cost?

We treat all of your people as individuals and our prices reflect that. Complete your details using the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Why Connor?

With over 25 years of expertise, Connor consultants know the marketplace inside-out. We have the deep industry knowledge, understanding and resources to manage even large-scale, global outplacement programmes. We also offer programmes to support individuals in other stages of career transition, from career break returners to those considering retirement.

We’re proud to be different to other outplacement companies. When you work with Connor, you receive

  • Face-to-face outplacement support for as long as you need it – our unique promise.
  • Tailored outplacement programmes that benefit the individual and the business.
  • Unlimited access to psychometric tools, as well as our acclaimed Connor career centre.
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