Career Coaching Services

Helping organisations maximise their people's potential


Career coaching is a sequence of thoughtfully worked out meetings, conducted with a peer level consultant, where we help your employees better understand their knowledge, skills and aspirations in either your business or an external business context setting.

Through pragmatic interventions we re-engage with your employees to identify the environment and role that will make them shine most brightly, thus maximising the talent within your company.

Career coaching – who is it for?

There are many people in your organisation that would benefit from this service. Below is a list of the most common interventions, although this list is not exhaustive. It is unlikely that the service will neatly fit into just one of the camps below; typically it's a hybrid of two to three areas:

  • People who have upcoming role or project challenges
  • People who need succession development
  • High potential flight risks
  • People who have lost their 'mojo' or 'spark'
  • People struggling to adapt to change
  • People who are not sure they are in the right role
  • People who may be dis-engaged with their role or the company
  • People who should probably leave you but don't have the confidence to do so
  • People not performing in their current role

Career coaching – at a glance

We have three levels of service – platinum, gold and silver.

Platinum career coaching service

Everyone's different and our service reflects that – with our platinum service your people follow a four-step process including six face to face coaching sessions over six to eight months. We also offer gold and silver services with four and two face to face sessions respectively.

Step 1 – matching your people with the right coach

A face to face chemistry meeting between your employee and a shortlisted coach. We are passionate about getting the right match – to create the perfect partnership between your employee and their coach.

If, for any reason, they do not feel the match is right, we will pair them with another coach for another chemistry session before any coaching starts.

Step 2 – coaching kick off

A face to face meeting to facilitate a three-way conversation between your employee, their manager and their coach, to agree objectives, outcomes, roles and responsibilities.

Step 3 – core coaching programme of six face to face meetings

We agree with you the duration of your desired coaching programme, typically this covers six coaching sessions of a two to three hour duration.

These take place every four to six weeks, to allow your people time in between to work with new techniques and building on the results.

Step 4 – coaching review

A face to face meeting to facilitate a second three-way conversation between your employee, their manager and their coach, to review the outcomes of your coaching programme and agree next steps.

What behavioural changes do our career coaching candidates achieve?

  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, self-belief and confidence
  • More effective personal impact
  • Greater team performance
  • Improved engagement and leadership of their people
  • Improved working relationships
  • More effective strategic thinking
  • Calmness and reduced pressure
  • Greater ability to influence upwards
  • Innovative thinking.

What does career coaching cost?

We treat all of your people as individuals and our prices reflect that. Complete the form on the right of this page and we'll be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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