Team Coaching

Unlocking the potential of high-performing teams

Inspiring teams of all levels to improve performance and drive their business challenges forward

Team coaching allows high-performing teams to stretch their potential, new teams to unite, teams in transition to align to the same goals, and underperforming or dysfunctional teams to work more productively.

When there is a change in CEO or an organisation embarks on a fresh strategic direction, you also have a golden opportunity to improve team culture, performance, and engagement.

Connor will help your management, leadership, or executive team to inspire and lead the business more effectively and confidently. Our exceptional range of team coaches are specifically trained to get the best out of people, and having held real business roles in organisations themselves, they can relate to your challenges.

Instead of ‘raft-building’ team days, we apply deep-rooted scientific coaching skills to support teams with their mindset, behaviour, and alignment to their goals. This helps teams to drive innovation, and to inspire and engage the wider organisation in the right strategic direction.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing development for innovation, flexibility, adaptability and goal alignment. Our highly experienced team coaches partner with you systemically to develop the world class team dynamics you need.

Team coaching is a powerful tool for teams of all levels who want to shift their performance to the next level, unlocking the power of the collective strengths each member brings to the table. Our highly qualified team coaches work with you holistically to consider what needs to change for the individual, the team and the system to address the business challenges that need to be addressed.

  • Teams at all levels who need support to develop a high-performing team dynamic.
  • Leadership and board level teams who have specific challenges they need to be better aligned on.
  • Underperforming or dysfunctional teams who need to develop cohesion, trust and unity.
  • New teams who need to develop effective relationships and ways of working.
  • High-performing teams who want build on their success to take their business to the next level.
  • A cost effective method of developing teams as opposed to individual development.
  • Rigorously assessed, qualified coaches, professionally supervised with regular development, so you can always rely on the highest quality coaching and facilitation.
  • A diverse team of coaches, carefully matched to the specific needs of the team, with real life business experience that builds trust and confidence from the start.
  • We focus on your outcomes, ensuring you get the results you’re looking for with measurable return on your investment.

Over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

–  Institute of Coaching

“Our recent Board meeting was outstanding and entirely different to anything I have seen before - a lot of which is down to the success of the programme and the impact it has had. Lee, our MD, said that this was a completely different event. I am so thrilled that this programme has fundamentally changed our business and caused a wind of change. The prevailing direction is incredible!”

“The difference in behaviour in our team is astonishing and the quality of their output has improved noticeably. We're thrilled with the fundamental changes you’ve made to our business.”

Executive Coaching – Will Hall
Client stories

Executive Coaching – Will Hall

Will Hall, Vice President – Commercial, RCI EME
Leadership coaching with VoicePrint
Client stories

Leadership coaching with VoicePrint

Bertil Videt, Global Communications Leader
Leadership coaching – Helen Hare
Client stories

Leadership coaching – Helen Hare

Helen Hare, Director of Project Management – Great Portland Estates Plc
Leadership coaching – Janine Cole
Client stories

Leadership coaching – Janine Cole

Janine Cole, Director of Sustainability and Community – Great Portland Estates
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