Individual Outplacement

Helping your senior executives, managers and professionals make their next move

Our individual outplacement support services help you sensitively handle the departure of one or more individuals so that you can maintain staff motivation, loyalty and business as usual throughout, bringing crucial stability at a time of change.

If you have a large number of employees leaving your organisation, group outplacement may suit you better.

Flexible, bespoke outplacement support

Unlike other outplacement providers, all of our individual outplacement support is delivered on an ‘as long as it takes’ basis, meaning your people will be looked after until they have secured their next opportunity. This means they can take the time to find the right next opportunity for them, or even take some time out before actively pursuing their next opportunity, with the assurances that their Connor consultant will still be there to support them. They can set the pace, taking away any added stress that can come from thinking they will be told their time is up.

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Three levels of service

Connor’s offer is unrivalled in the market. Whatever level your employee is at in your organisation, all of our individual outplacement support includes bespoke consultant-led support, access to our online resources and a comprehensive wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme platform, until your leavers discover their next opportunity – plus 3 months’ onboarding. Working directly with their own personally matched, peer-level consultant, the service is always flexible, local and accessible as we come to meet your leavers wherever they prefer.

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  • For your senior people: all the help they require to choose a new top position, set up a business or a consultancy, or build a portfolio of non-executive directorships.
  • Executives appreciate our rigorous chemistry matching process and the ability to select their own peer level consultant with which they wish to work.
  • Their consultant will match them both professionally and intellectually, acting as their confidant and mentor, challenging and honing their thinking.

This is a hybrid service, blending additional elements of career coaching and leadership development. Visit our website for Executive Outplacement to find out more.

For employees at manager level, we partner with each individual to tailor a service around their unique needs. Their peer-level career coach will work with them shoulder to shoulder to realise their ideal next move, help them secure it and support them until they’ve settled in.

For staff throughout your organisation: personalised outplacement support to help them secure a rewarding new professional role. Whatever their career goals may be, we have the expertise to make a real difference.

A range of applications

Putting individuals at the heart of the support they receive means it doesn’t matter if they want to find another role, set up their own business or even transition towards retirement, their Connor consultant will equip them with the skills they need to make their next move a success. This gives people the confidence to move on positively, leaving your organisation as brand ambassadors, and helps to maintain business as usual with a smooth handover of information and reassurance for your retained employees.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of outplacement and business case for individual outplacement support.

"We want to give best-in-class services to the people we are responsible for. When it comes to people leaving, this means choosing Connor to provide outplacement.”

Tools to ensure success

Whatever level your individuals are, the Connor service includes access to a range of practical job search materials, as well as our acclaimed online Connor career centre. This provides them with access to competitive career intelligence, giving your leavers the inside track when it comes to their job search and helping ensure a successful transition.

We also know that sometimes, life’s demands can get in the way of us performing at our best so we also ensure everyone we work with has access to our comprehensive wellbeing and Employee Assistance programme, to support with some of the wider practicalities that can indirectly affect your job search success.

Why Connor?

We partner with you. With Connor, you’ll have a peer-level consultant working shoulder to shoulder with you for as long as it takes you to find your next opportunity – whatever that may be. Even after you secure your next opportunity, we stay with you for a further 90 days to help you settle in and achieve success.

We value individuality and recognise that each person is different. That’s why every single person receives tailored, bespoke support from Connor.

We are flexible, building a service around your unique needs with a focus on one-to-one support. We match our style to your preferred learning methods, working from a location and at a time that suits you.

Outplacement blended with coaching and development. We don’t just provide a CV-writing workshop and then leave; we give support that empowers you to take the next step in your career. Whether that’s coaching to build your confidence, develop your communication style, or something else entirely, we work to help you to reach your aspirations.

We care about providing personal, face to face support and are passionate about creating the perfect partnership with you. We take care to match you to a peer-level coach who fits you both personally and professionally.

We take a proactive approach to your search, opening the door to opportunities built around what you can offer. Through our network and wealth of resources, we take you a step ahead of the competition and help you access ‘hidden’ opportunities you might not find elsewhere.

Billy Park
Client stories

Billy Park

"It's the best thing I've ever done in my life. I couldn't have done this without Connor."
Bertil Videt
Client stories

Bertil Videt

"I have been impressed with the professionalism of how I have been supported throughout the process, including settling into my new leadership position."
Pascal Deleu
Client stories

Pascal Deleu

"Connor were very focused on the individuals needs of each person and within 6-8 months nearly all of the staff have been able to obtain new roles within the salary ranges they were expecting."
Matt Stevens
Client stories

Matt Stevens

"I would fully recommend this process to anyone who is going through a career transition."
Derek Cribb
Client stories

Derek Cribb

"I knew that finding a new role at a senior level would take a considerable amount of time; Connor's proposition, and their unlimited support, really appealed to me."
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