Resilience and Wellbeing Workshops

Support your people to remain resilient in the face of change.

Enable employees to thrive with our resilience and wellbeing workshops

We are in a period of intense change. How will you support your people to be adaptable and resilient so they don’t simply ‘survive’ but, instead, thrive?

Workshops for Individuals

  • Tailored to your employees
  • Easy to access – virtual and remote options
  • Insightful self-assessment tools
  • Tried and tested content, based on science, to support holistic wellbeing and resilience
  • Engaging, personal and interactive

Workshops for Managers

  • Tailored to your managers
  • Easy to access – virtual and remote options
  • Insightful self-assessment tools
  • Tried and tested content, based on science, to support holistic wellbeing and resilience
  • Engaging, personal and interactive

"Taking time away from the day to day and being more proactive in building my resilience will help me be a better manager and support my people with their resilience.”

What makes our Workshops different

Watch this short video where Jo Bristow, Connor’s People Development Manager, explains why it’s important to support resilience and wellbeing now, how we help both individuals and managers and what makes our workshops different.

Workshops for individuals

Ideal for individuals who(se):

  • wellbeing is compromised by ongoing external pressures and uncertainty.
  • are being impacted by organisational change such as restructure or redundancy.
  • are leading or managing organisational change projects.
  • have people management responsibilities or other additional pressures. 

‘Introduction to resilience’: 1 x half day (or 2 x 2 hour) workshop

For a helpful introduction to resilience and wellness

  • Introduces people to the three vital sources of resilience – balance, focus and my resilience foundations, as outlined in detail in our information sheet.
  • Builds awareness of key tools and strategies available to individuals.
  • Gives people an increased ability to cope with everyday challenges. 
  • Increases morale through difficult times.

from £190 + VAT per person

"I understand so much more about what is really worrying my teammates now, and what might help them.”

‘Building resilient foundations’: 3 x half day workshops 

For a deeper dive and firm foundations of resilience and wellness

  • Includes a rich diagnostic questionnaire and individual report that provides a current snapshot of physical and psychological wellness, performance, rest and recovery.
  • Offers a comprehensive solution to developing people’s resilience, covering in depth the three sources – balance, focus and my resilience foundations, as outlined in detail in our information sheet.
  • Enables people to build a strong foundation of personal wellbeing.
  • Helps people to develop a positive mindset and greater acceptance towards change.
  • Increases ability to cope with personal and professional challenges, and avoid burnout.
  • Drives higher levels of motivation, engagement, productivity and retention.
  • Unique opportunity to discuss challenge with colleagues and support one another.

from £370 + VAT per person

"Pound for pound, this is the best development intervention I’ve made.”

Workshops for managers

Ideal for managers who(se):

  • need to maintain productivity and morale during a period of change.
  • team is low on energy and struggling to face the future with positivity.
  • are working remotely from some or all of their team and noticing they are disconnected.

‘Managing others through tough times’ 1 x half day (or 2 x 2 hour) workshop

  • Increases managers’ confidence and skill in two vital areas (as outlined in our information sheet), improving their ability to support team members with resilience strategies and better cope with stress and pressure.
  • Helps managers to be proactive in recognising potential signs of burnout quicker.
  • Enables higher quality and more open conversations between managers and their people.
  • Improves productivity, retention and engagement throughout periods of uncertainty and change.
  • Equips managers to lead through tough times, causing a positive ripple effect across the organisation. We highly recommend managers attend one of our ‘Individual’ resilience workshops prior to completing the manager module, so they are able to ‘put their own oxygen mask on first.’

from £190 + VAT per person

What to expect from our resilience solutions

All of our workshops are available either face-to-face or virtually, facilitated with skill and sensitivity. They are supported by blended pre- and post- learning and are brought to life with interactive polls, breakouts, selfassessment questionnaires, helpful tips, videos and conversations with colleagues, making them engaging and personal. Attendees come away from each workshop with helpful tools and techniques for making a positive change, along with a personal action plan.

We will work with you to tailor sessions to your specific needs and reference any existing support structures and resources currently available in your organisation, keeping everything joined up.

Don’t leave it to chance. Now, more than ever, supporting your people with their resilience will have a fundamental impact on their future, and that of your organisation.

Why Connor?

With over 25 years of expertise, Connor consultants know the marketplace inside-out. We have the deep industry knowledge, understanding and resources to manage even large-scale, global outplacement programmes. We also offer programmes to support individuals in other stages of career transition, from career break returners to those considering retirement.

We’re proud to be different to other outplacement companies. When you work with Connor, you receive

  • Face-to-face outplacement support for as long as you need it – our unique promise.
  • Tailored outplacement programmes that benefit the individual and the business.
  • Unlimited access to psychometric tools, as well as our acclaimed Connor career centre.

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