Organisational Change

Is your business looking to change and adapt in order to survive and thrive?

We support organisations to manage and deliver change programmes in the areas of restructures, mergers & acquisitions, TUPE transfers, relocating of offices, terms & conditions harmonization – all sorts of change initiatives that may result in redundancies and that will always require consultation meetings.

As HR Organisational Change experts, we will define the total change project, building and allocating the right resources to the right jobs adopting an approach which combines the expertise of both our Connor team and the client resources. This joined-up approach builds powerful delivery teams, whilst being sensitive to cost. Our clients tell us that we are the best Change Partner they have ever worked with as we love to do the doing and deliver pragmatic outcomes – all with a smile!!


Our organisational change 6 step approach illustrated below broadly applies to every project – for more detail on how we deliver the change you may need - select one of the following:

Mergers & Acquisitions


Business Restructuring
or Org Design

TUPE Transfer

Employee &
Union Relations

Redundancy Support

Terms & Conditions Harmonisation

How it works:


“For 5+ years Connor supported us on all aspects of help on employment issues……. you have been succinct and accurate with your advice in every case, and this has helped us to make decisions which have better served our staff and company. You don’t just advise but also do the doing and your breadth of HR expertise is business relevant meaning work is done faster, saving my business money.”

Why Connor?

  • We have been in your shoes facing similar situations. All our people have had real HR jobs in the real world. We are not career consultants reading from a policy manual in a call centre.

  • We allocate to you HR practitioners who are one level higher than what is required to deliver the work you need completing. This means that they have done this type of work before and can deliver solutions more quickly saving you money.

  • Our HR practitioners have the back-up from fellow Connor experts so that we use the breadth of our talent pool to deliver practical solutions to you. However, you only pay for the one person not for the pool of expertise within Connor.

  • We have over 25 years of developing IP, tools, and templates, so we rarely have to start from scratch, saving you money.

Why you shouldn’t look to cut corners on your TUPE transfer
Client stories

Why you shouldn’t look to cut corners on your TUPE transfer


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