Organisational Change

In today’s fast-moving world every organisation exists in a state of flux.

Is your business looking to change and adapt in order to survive and thrive?

At Connor we support organisations to manage and deliver a variety of change programmes.

As HR organisational change experts, we will define the total change project, building and allocating the right resources to the right job adopting a ‘flexi’ approach, which combines the expertise of BOTH Connor and our customers’ own resources. This approach builds powerful delivery teams whilst being sensitive to cost.

Whether you’re looking for an individual HR expert to carry out a small project (e.g. an HR Audit/ Investigation) or a full ‘squad’ of HR experts for a complex HR change programme, we can help.

Areas we can support:

  • RELOCATION – Relocating all or a section of your workforce to an alternative location(s)        
  • REDUNDANCY – preparing to delete roles, removing layers from an organisation, closing a site and/or an office
  • MERGERS & ACQUISITION – managing the integration of incoming employees following an acquisition       
  • BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING or ORG DESIGN – improving operational profitability, performance and reducing costs
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS HARMONISATION harmonising employment terms and conditions or contracts
  • TUPE TRANSFER – supporting or leading a TUPE IN or TUPE Out Process. e.g. where you are divesting part of your business, Insourcing or outsourcing services and preparing for a TUPE situation
  • EMPLOYEE & UNION RELATIONS – handling a complex situation which requires support e.g. external investigations, union negotiation, mediation or conflict resolution

How it works

For each of our change programmes, we follow the same 6 stage approach:

e will meet you to better understand your:

  • Business drivers

  • Culture and ways of working

  • Rationale for your organisational change

  • Key stakeholders needs and outcomes you want to achieve

We will share our market best practice learnings, create options and hone the best solution, through:

  • Examining market and sector insight

  • Designing options that best suit your needs

  • Agreeing a scope of work with key tasks, critical paths and key inter-dependencies

We will chemistry match the perfect project team, through:

  • Identifying the project roles required

  • Chemistry matching Connor experts to your culture

  • Forming a project team balancing our expertise with your in-house talent

We will ‘Kick-off’ the project and:

  • Set-up the projects structure and governance

  • Agree measures, outcomes & sign-off criteria

  • Agree a communications plan

We will stay close to all workstreams, through:

  • Weekly review meetings with a Risk Register

  • Ensuring any variations to the plan are escalated immediately with a no-surprises mantra

  • Flexing-up or flexing-down the resource, as required

Our job is only done once it’s completed and you are back to business as usual. Our steps in this final stage includes:

  • Holding a Connor/Customer Project Review meeting

  • Ensuring that the new ways of working are embedded

  • Celebrating together!

“The process was as smooth as it can be. Not a single grievance or employee appeal against the decisions which is a staggering statistic. The biggest compliment I can give you guys is that you are indeed a trusted partner. Trust has been established between Connor and our employees and also between Connor and me. Our people did not see a difference between Connor and the internal HR team. You are certainly experts in your field, and you acted completely confidentially working with us in a collaborative way to ensure the project was brought to a successful conclusion”.

Why Connor?

We’ve walked in your shoes. We aren’t career consultants. All of us have held real-world positions meaning we have walked in your shoes. We quickly get what you want to achieve and by understanding your business drivers we are able to marry both HR excellence and business savvy, delivering outcomes that are pragmatic and relevant.

We love to do the doing. Our squads of HR and Project Management experts are passionate about ‘doing the doing’ and you can rest assured that they have delivered on your type of project many times before. This means we can handle the implementation of the changes and provide ‘boots on the ground’ to roll out the changes as part of your team.

We share our IP with you. Lots of consultancies keep their workings secret – not us. We believe that it’s better for you and for Connor in the long run if we build trust by sharing our methods and our workings, so that we can work in true partnership with you.

We’re outcomes focused. Once the approach is agreed and the team lined up, we’ll first agree a simple, clear SLA that is fair, clear and realistic to ensure everything stays on track. We provide weekly reporting and hold regular reviews to ensure that there are no surprises.

Our inimitable style! More than anything else, we’re told that it’s our style that sets us apart. We are able to handle large, complex projects but are small enough to provide the personal touch. We are told that we are personal, passionate and outcomes focused (with none of the ego to boot) and we do our utmost to remain authentic and human in all our dealings with you and of course have some fun along the way!

Contact us today to discuss how our change management consulting services can help you with organisational change, organisational design and a bespoke change management process.

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