Reconnecting team for success

Virtual workshops that enable teams through Covid-19 and beyond.

Things have changed. Can we simply ‘switch things back on’ and expect our teams to function as well as they did before? Likely not. So, how has your team managed in this period and what’s next?

How to improve teamwork and collaboration in our workshops

  • Reconnecting teams after a period apart, physically or otherwise
  • Re-galvanising and resetting teams with new energy and focus
  • Re-engaging and re-integrating team members following furlough
  • Readying new teams for success

What it looks like

  • 2 x bitesize virtual workshops that fit easily into the working day and boost your team’s success
  • Tailored specifically to your team, we will explore areas such as:
    • – Stages of ‘disaster’ response in relation to Covid-19
    • Temperature check on team’s current state – how they are thinking and feeling
    • Neuroscience of resilience and change for the team and individuals within it
    • What have we learnt that can make us more successful?
    • Strategies for moving forward
    • Taking action – ‘re-launching’ with new energy and focus
  • Facilitated by expert team coaches and facilitators that specialise in supporting teams through crisis and change…and beyond
  • Suitable for teams of any size

Why Connor

Our purpose is to help organisations and their people to evolve and thrive through change. We combine tried and tested human science with inspiring facilitation that unblocks and unlocks team performance.

Having supported many teams navigating complex change or crisis, including the Grenfell team, several NHS London Covid-relief teams, Local Government and International Agency teams, our team coaches have applied this experience to develop a series of impactful sessions that we will tailor to your own team.

We don’t simply run webinars – this is real team coaching that accelerates team success over a matter of weeks rather than months. We look forward to helping you set your team on a positive path for the future.

“The workshop has given me a new way of thinking and recognition of things I can’t change but can approach from a new and different perspective.”

“Valuable time to help the team pull together in this uncertain time.”

Historic Royal Palaces
Client stories

Historic Royal Palaces

Increasing team capabilities and resilience to meet rising customer service expectations
Resilience lessons from a summer staycation
Client stories

Resilience lessons from a summer staycation

Building resilience and supporting others is a huge part of the work we do at Connor
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