Thriving Through Change Workshops

2 x 90 minute bitesize workshops, delivered either virtually or face to face.

When organisations restructure and people leave as a result of redundancy, it can leave an emotional wake for those left behind. It’s important for the ongoing success of the organisation that clients remain satisfied, performance is maintained and the business continues to move forward. However, those who ‘survived’ the process often experience a ‘mixed bag’ of emotion; relief that they still have a role, guilt that they survived while others did not and loss of colleagues and friends.

Organisations that support their people during this uncertain time retain a more engaged workforce and move forward at a quicker pace to realise the benefits of the restructure.

Who it’s for

  • Individuals and teams who have been retained as a result of a restructuring programme.
  • Those who feel emotionally upheaved by the consultation and redundancy process.
  • People who want to build their personal resilience to cope with the change.
  • Key functions that have been impacted and are critical to the ongoing success of the organisation

What it is

2 x 90 minute bitesize workshops, delivered either virtually or face to face.

Tailored specifically to your organisation and people, the sessions will explore:

  • The process of change and understanding the emotional transition.
  • How to move forward and adapt to their new world.
  • Where to focus energy and attention.
  • How to manage mindset around the change.
  • Understand what motivates them.
  • How to build personal resilience and develop practical strategies and actions.

What benefit/outcomes it offers

  • Supports individuals with managing their emotions in order to maintain performance.
  • Restores employee engagement by enabling people to move forward in a resilient way.
  • Retains key talent
  • Enables organisation to move forward at a quicker pace.
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