M and A guide

HR’s Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions (pre-integration)


All organisations need to plan and manage the inevitability of change. Understanding that change is constant, inevitable and reliant on the willingness of employees to accept the new world post M&A is a keystone for each phase of the process and helps to underline the importance of Human Resources (HR) and their influence, involvement and inclusion in each and every key stage.

Download our guide, HR’s Guide to M&A (Pre-Integration) where we share a simple 5 phase approach for a successful M&A.

Preparing for Organisational Change White Paper small

How should an HR team prepare for radical organisational change?


On Wednesday 8th September we brought together a panel of experts to discuss how leaders should prepare a business for organisational change when it’s no longer fit for purpose, or needs to make a significant change in direction.

This white paper outlines the  methods and approaches that leaders and HR professionals should be adopting and what questions they should be asking the business.


Dos and donts redundancy

The do’s and don’ts of Redundancy with a remote workforce


Redundancy, regardless of the cause, is a difficult and emotional process, so it’s critical that it is managed in the right way.

On Wednesday 28th April 2021 we brought together a panel of experts to discuss the real problems and dilemmas of considering restructuring and change that result in redundancies at this challenging time – both economically and in the workplace.

This whitepaper details the questions discussed in the session, whilst sharing the learnings, key guidance and wisdom on what can make the difference when undergoing the redundancy process with a remote workforce. Focusing on specific aspects such as planning, communication and compassion.


What is outplacement? A practical guide for your organisation


Outplacement explained is a short, useful guide on how you can help people who are leaving your organisation.

Dealing with a redundancy or settlement agreement can be tough. Outplacement provides employees who are leaving an organisation with practical career advice and coaching support to help them to make their next move.

Download the guide to find out:

  • What is outplacement? A definition of what it is and what it looks like in 2021
  • What are the benefits of outplacement for your organisation and your people
  • What outplacement costs and how to choose the right outplacement provider.

HR Leader Think Tank: What have we learnt through Covid-19 that we can use to improve our people practices?

In October 2020, Connor brought together a group of HR leaders to discuss what has been learnt so far through the Covid-19 pandemic and how we can apply these learnings to transform our organisations’ people practices for the future.

The Think Tank was co-hosted by Julia Nickless, Director of People Development at Connor and Paula Keen, European HR Director at Elavon. Attending HR leaders came from a wide variety of sectors including not-for-profit, travel and leisure, financial services, commercial property, manufacturing and technology.

In this report we share the key outputs from the discussion, just complete your details in the form provided.
HR Leader think tank White Paper

HR Leader Think Tank: ‘Returning’ to the workplace – What should we focus upon?


We recently brought together 12 HR leaders, from a variety of organisations and industries, to explore how we can all best support our people in ‘returning’ to the workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Three areas were discussed:

1.    What have HR leaders been doing to-date?

2.    What are the challenges?

3.    What trends have HR leaders noticed and what will be important moving forward in this pandemic?

In this report we share the key outputs from the discussion, just complete your details in the form provided.