HR’s Guide to M&A (Pre-Integration)

A practical guide for your organisation.

HR’s Guide to M&A (Pre-Integration)

M and A guide

All organisations need to plan and manage the inevitability of change. Whether the change programme is triggered by M&A or other catalysts such as restructuring, redundancy, TUPE or relocation the outcomes are the same – people are impacted and the business requirements change over a period of time.

Understanding that change is constant, inevitable and reliant on the willingness of employees to accept the new world post M&A is a keystone for each phase of the process and helps to underline the importance of Human Resources (HR) and their influence, involvement and inclusion in each and every key stage.

Download our guide, HR’s Guide to M&A (Pre-Integration) where we share a simple 5 phase approach for a successful M&A.

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