Adaptive Coaching

Making coaching accessible to the many, not just the few, without breaking the bank.

Are you fed up of coaching being reserved exclusively for those ‘at the top,’ seen as too expensive to be accessible to all? Frustrated that coaching programmes are often rigid and not truly adapted to each person or the agile environment we now work in?

Us too. This is why we created our adaptive coaching service for organisations. It enables you to offer high quality coaching to anyone who would value it, optimising your learning & development budget and saving you up to 80% on traditional coaching costs.

Who in your organisation can adaptive coaching help at this time?

  • Furloughed employees – supporting their continued professional and personal development, and supporting them to re-integrate successfully to the workplace

  • Helping managers and those in critical roles to better communicate and engage with their teams and stakeholders in a new environment, as well as looking after their resilience

  • Helping individuals adapt to their new world, increasing engagement, positive mindset and performance

For more information about adaptive coaching and how we can support your organisation now, see below.

How it works

Easy to buy and simple to deploy, giving a personalised and professional coaching service to everyone who needs it, within a set budget.

Put simply, our unique adaptive approach lets you purchase a flexible ‘pool’ of professional coaching capacity for your organisation, by the hour, for a specific group of employees or for anyone who needs it. This can extend your own internal coaching capacity or provide you with professional support that you don’t already have in-house.

Because we work in coaching time, not ‘number of sessions’, it means every penny of your budget goes towards actual coaching activity. It ensures your coaches are active rather than passive, agreeing exactly what they want to spend their coaching time on, and accelerating their outcomes.

Gone are the days of traditional coaching programmes that offer everyone the same time or number of sessions ‘just because.’ Instead, we work specifically around you, your people and your working environment so coaching is always optimised, personal and agile.

And, at volume, it’s much more cost effective than you might think, while ensuring we never compromise on the ingredients that make professional coaching so powerful, starting with the trusting relationship between the coach and coachee.

"I now believe in coaching which was not something I would have done before. I have really benefited from this experience and learned that we have what it takes but we just need someone to enable us to reach it."

Adaptive coaching candidate, large financial services organisation

“Anusha really listened to me and understood my concerns/challenges. It helped to get me back on track and focus on what really matters. I feel this scheme is the best thing the organisation has ever done for me. I feel very fortunate to have a coach.”

Adaptive coaching candidate, large public sector organisation


Who’s it for?

  • Selected groups – hi-po talent pool, groups attending a learning programme, teams or groups going through change, other populations who would value and benefit from coaching (e.g. new parents, under-represented groups, line managers)

  • Or your whole organisation, helping individuals to work on a specific professional or personal development goal or working through a specific issue just in time

What’s included in our adaptive coaching service?

  • A ‘pool’ of coaching time for a selected population or your whole organisation, managed in a way that suits your organisation

  • One-to-one professional coaching delivered in the preferred way – face-to-face or remote

  • Each individual matched with a specific coach based on preferred style and core coaching objectives, helping them build a trusting relationship and work iteratively together

  • 3-way set-up and hand-back with sponsor/manager, where appreciated

  • Flexibility in allocation of coaching time – a set time per person or flexibility to deliver coaching for whoever most needs it at that time

  • A healthy lifespan on coaching hours to match your budget or learning cycle

Covid-19: How can our adaptive coaching service help?

Many organisations want to support their people during this time but don’t want to simply keep sharing blogs, podcasts and other online ‘content’ when many are already overloaded with information.

There has never been a more pertinent time to make coaching widely accessible. Every employee is going through significant change – professional, personal and, for many, both.

Coaching lets you uniquely support your people at their time of need, on their topic of need. It gives them time to step ‘out of the ‘fire’ and tackle their particular challenges with a fresh mindset, while helping you demonstrate how much you value them.

Our adaptive coaching enables you to purchase a ‘pool’ of professional coaching capacity that can be delivered entirely via video call and phone, meaning it’s rapid to set up and anyone can access it easily, how and when they need.

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