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Inspiring organisations and individuals to reach their professional and personal potential.

At Connor, we’re on a mission to make coaching accessible for everyone and improve more people’s lives. Wherever, however, and whenever you need it!

Coaching can be one of the most powerful methods of developing people and accelerating business and personal performance.

If done well, coaching can be a game changer for individuals and organisations by focusing on the real issues behind why things might not be working the way they want them to.

We have a real passion for high-quality, outcomes focused coaching that is person centred, and we recognise the impact it can have for those who use it. Our coaching services have been developed over many years to meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether they are individuals seeking to develop and grow personally, or organisations with wide-ranging challenges who need to adapt to strategic issues.

We offer a wide range of coaching options, not only because we believe in the transformational power of coaching, but because we’ve listened to our clients’ needs to build a suite of solutions for everyone.

Executive Coaching

Our leading executive coaching service focuses on developing the capability, impact and resilience of senior leaders in an ever-more complex and uncertain work environment, executive coaching enables leaders to perform at their best to lead their organisations in a future-focused, agile and inclusive way.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing development for innovation, flexibility, adaptability and goal alignment. Our highly experienced team coaches partner with you systemically to develop the world class team dynamics you need.


Coaching for Everyone

Are you fed up of coaching being reserved exclusively for those ‘at the top,’ seen as too expensive to be accessible to all? Us too! This is why we created our flagship Adaptive Coaching service for organisations and individuals. High quality coaching for anyone at an affordable cost.

Outsourced Coaching Partner

We provide a fully managed service for all your coaching requirements. We can take the pain away from managing multiple coaching contracts across your business, improving quality, consistency, and cost. Remove time consuming admin and gain insightful organisational intelligence reporting.

“I had recently been promoted to a more strategic role. Connor’s coaching helped me to deal with more ambiguity, a new boss, managing people who used to be my peers, and being the only female member of the executive team.”

“Connor’s coaching service has been fundamental in helping our individuals to maximize their potential. The service has increased our talent retention and employee morale.”

Executive Coaching – Will Hall
Client stories

Executive Coaching – Will Hall

Will Hall, Vice President – Commercial, RCI EME
Leadership coaching with VoicePrint
Client stories

Leadership coaching with VoicePrint

Bertil Videt, Global Communications Leader
Leadership coaching – Helen Hare
Client stories

Leadership coaching – Helen Hare

Helen Hare, Director of Project Management – Great Portland Estates Plc
Leadership coaching – Janine Cole
Client stories

Leadership coaching – Janine Cole

Janine Cole, Director of Sustainability and Community – Great Portland Estates
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