Leadership coaching with VoicePrint

Bertil Videt, Global Communications Leader

How VoicePrint coaching helped to develop this leader’s communication style

Why did I invest in this programme?

I’m clear about my natural strengths as a leader – particularly in building an environment of trust, listening to and enabling others. I wanted to build on those strengths plus develop some new leadership approaches that come less naturally to me, like being more challenging and being direct.

Why VoicePrint coaching as a leadership development tool?

When I talked to Connor about my goals, we identified that leadership coaching using a tool called VoicePrint would be particularly useful. The VoicePrint framework sounded of real interest as it specifically focuses on influence and impact. Coaching would then help me focus specifically on my own leadership style rather than attending a generic leadership development workshop.

What was useful about my VoicePrint coaching sessions?

The coaching sessions re-enforced some things I previously had an intuition about, plus increased my self awareness. The VoicePrint tool gave me a useful common language to explore my habits with Jo, my leadership coach. We explored the impact of my typical communication style on my leadership, including the importance of not relying on a limited range of influencing methods.

The VoicePrint tool highlighted an array of 9 ‘voices’ that are available to me and when I can best make use of them to achieve better outcomes. Jo also helped me to think about different personalities – particularly ones that I have found more challenging in the past – to apply my learnings to real life incidents.

Now, the key thing is for me to apply these new learnings in my new Global leadership role, and I look forward to continuing my exploration of my VoicePrint profile and the areas I covered with Jo.

Feedback on my coach

Jo asked me some challenging questions that really caused me to reflect. What’s great is that she was friendly and pleasant in her approach, and she gave me enough time to feel comfortable in making those reflections.

What I would say to other leaders considering VoicePrint coaching?

I would definitely recommend VoicePrint coaching to other leaders. Spending some time to understand and digest the VoicePrint framework before your coaching is a good idea so you can quickly get into your personal communication habits and development goals. To get maximum impact, some ongoing coaching is also a great idea and I’m looking forward to working with Connor over the coming months to concrete my new habits in my new role.To find out more about our coaching, click here.

What we did for the client

Project management

  • We defined the project management plan in conjunction with the key stakeholders and managed the stakeholders expectations at all times
  • We provided monthly updates to the client on major milestones, achievements, next 30 day deliverables and any major risks to the project
  • We delivered the project on time within budget and with zero employee relations issues, such as appeals or employment tribunal claims.

Complex employee relations

  • We ran the employee representative election process
  • We devised and delivered the training for both employee representatives (for collective consultation) and the line managers (for individual consultation)
  • We attended all collective consultation meetings ensuring that accurate notes were taken and turned around in 24 hours – also responding to all Q and A’s within the designated timescale
  • Connor devised and ran all individual consultation meetings (245 employees for a minimum of 2, sometimes 3 meetings – with a team of 11 experienced, professional HR consultants
  • Responsible for all documentation including forms for the individual consultation meetings, the management information tracker, the Qs and As, outcome letters etc
  • We devised and sent out the outcome letters for all individuals once decisions had been made.

Business outcomes

“I cannot thank you enough for your support, for your professionalism, your empathy with the employees and managers, your accuracy in keeping track of the data, your help in sorting the various processes out and your flexibility and availability for numerous ad hoc meetings, calls, emergency activities.” said the client’s head of HR.

The client was most impressed with our responsiveness and commented that everybody within our team knew their role and executed their responsibilities in a timely manner.

They liked the fact that we provided both a project manager and a quality director (guardian of quality), which meant that we kept our eyes on both the operational aspects of the project as well as the big picture quality delivery piece.

We also received excellent feedback on the quality of our programme team (15 HR consultants and directors) who were perceived as being high calibre both from a knowledge and communications viewpoint.

In addition the client commented that:

  • Connor delivered a complex project of consulting on relocating about 250 roles to four distinct alternative locations
  • Resulted in no appeals being lodged or employment tribunal claims received
  • The programme was delivered within the necessary timescale of six months
  • We remained flexible with some of the team permanently working on the programme, whilst other members of the team worked on an as-needed basis.
  • The data management was clear and fed back to the key stakeholders weekly
  • High levels of employee engagement were maintained throughout the programme
  • The programme was delivered ensuring legal compliance at all times.

What the client said

“The biggest compliment I can give you guys is that you are indeed a trusted partner. Trust has been established between Connor and our employees and also between Connor and I. Our people did not see a difference between Connor and the internal HR team. You are certainly experts in your field and you acted completely confidentially working with us in a collaborative way to ensure the project was brought to a successful conclusion.

The Connor team was very collaborative and customer orientated. The process was as smooth as it can be. Not a single grievance or employee appeal against the decisions which is a staggering statistic.”
Head of HR

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