Fulfilled Third Age

Helping your employees to consider and plan for life after work


The concept of traditional retirement is one that many older employees don't relish. Work is a huge part of their identity - so if they have to stop work, what will they do? How will they find fulfilment?

As a result, people are often reluctant to think about life after work, or aren't aware of the different options open to them. This leaves your organisation unable to discuss plans for the future with its employees, making smooth succession planning a challenge.

Dismantling traditional retirement with Connor

At Connor, we don't talk about retirement coaching or retirement planning. We talk instead about Fulfilled Third Age, reflecting how the people we support like to think about their life after full-time work.

Fulfilled Third Age enables your organisation to support older employees to think about what they want from the next phase of their life, and then to manage the transition positively and proactively. Our expert facilitators and coaches help your employees consider their passions, their identity, and their emotional responses to change, either in a group workshop or in one-to-one coaching - whatever is more appropriate.

A unique approach from a unique coaching partner

Unlike traditional retirement planning, which focuses on finances, Fulfilled Third Age addresses the human element of change. We help your employees overcome their fears and doubts about life after work to achieve true fulfilment.

As a consequence, your organisation is able to much better support these individuals as they transition to the next phase of their life. In doing so, you'll keep them as engaged, positive employees up until their last day, and you'll be able to pass on their knowledge, skills and expertise to others in the organisation.

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