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Retirement transition services

Traditionally, retirement planning help has focused on the financial implications of moving away from work – what can your people afford to do, and what’s the best way to make their pension or assets work for them? Whilst this is undoubtedly an important consideration, it’s really just one piece of the puzzle.

Complete retirement planning with Connor

At Connor, we do things differently, focusing on life after work and all of the possibilities – and uncertainties – this might bring for your people. From our experience, when people move away from the world of work and into retirement they rarely want to put their feet up and stop working altogether, but they haven’t really thought about what they will do to fill their time, the options available to them, and the psychological journey of change. With no blueprint for retirement or a ‘right’ way to do it, this can leave people reluctant to make decisions or communicate their plans, making it difficult for organisations to know the best way to support them as they prepare for one of life’s biggest transitions.

31% of over-65s said lack of purpose was one of their biggest worries about retirement.

With Connor’s complete retirement transition services we can guide your people through their hopes and aspirations for their unique retirement transition, help them positively manage the psychological change in identity, come to terms with what they are letting go, and support them as they create a clear plan for a positive, healthy and fulfilled life after work.

The benefits of retirement planning

For your organisation

  • Supports your long-serving employees as they embark on an unknown journey. As well as them receiving the support, this sends a positive message to the other employees in your organisation that you value and appreciate them whatever stage of their career they are at


  • Opens up the conversation about succession planning. With so many unknowns and ‘retirement’ meaning something different to everyone, it can be hard to sensitively broach this conversation, so giving your employees the options and vocabulary to communicate how they might feel helps. It also means you can have a transparent conversation about options like a phased retirement, reducing working hours, or more flexible working.


  • Helps facilitate a smoother handover, be it of clients, suppliers or information based on experience. When people feel they have been looked after and have something positive to look forward to, they are more likely to put the effort into leaving something positive behind and leaving you as a brand ambassador.


  • Delivers something we know employees are asking for, helping differentiate you as an employer of choice and more likely to attract the best and brightest candidates throughout your organisation

For your people

  • This change can bring excitement, but also a lot of uncertainty. Providing your employees with complete retirement planning support helps take away any fears or anxieties, meaning they will be more likely to adjust well

  • Gives people the confidence and ability to clearly communicate what they want from this next phase of life – both to their organisation, but also those around them. It’s rarely just the retiree impacted when this decision is made, their partner, family or friends will also likely be affected (positively or otherwise) and with no defined way of retiring it is helpful to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how that individual’s retirement will look

  • As people are living longer and more active lives, the choices we make when we first retire aren’t necessarily the same ones we would make five, 10 or 15 years into retirement. Having the ability to forward-plan for the whole of your retirement and take back control of their next phase(s) of life rather than feeling like retirement is something that has happened to them helps people adjust more quickly to the immediate change

“Many employees approach retirement feeling anxious and unprepared, which not only affects their own financial and mental health, but also has a knock-on effect on the workplace – with people deferring retirement meaning increased people costs and blocked succession pathways. Employers have a role to play in helping individuals feel able to retire when they want. They can engage all staff with planning for retirement throughout their career, and not just in the final countdown years.”

Connor’s retirement transition planning support is suitable for those 10-15 years from retiring through to those on the cusp of retirement. Depending on your number of employees and your objectives from the programme we have a range of options to meet your needs, including:

Complete retirement planning workshops:

Chose from our menu of modules covering everything your people might want to consider as they plan their life after work:

  • identifying their hopes and fears
  • considering the change in identity
  • options for retirement across all areas of life
  • practical skills to secure work in whatever capacity
  • the financial options and implications relevant to them.

We then follow up with 121 coaching with each persons’ own dedicated retirement planning expert to continue thinking about and applying the facilitated content. Workshop content can be adapted in line with your organisation’s objectives

“Although I'm years off actual retirement this workshop has helped me to plan that journey and break down my plans into workable sections. It's focused me and has helped me to believe I can achieve my dream.”

121 retirement planning coaching

For smaller numbers of employees, or those with specific objectives to consider, we offer fully tailored, 121 retirement planning coaching support with an expert transition coach, including a financial consultation with a trusted independent financial advisor. Your people can work through all of the implications of stepping away from work, whether that’s for right now or further into the future, as they plan the next stage of their career or life away from work.

Once I knew I could afford to retire, my Connor coach gently pushed me to expand my thinking and horizons. Combined with obvious depth of knowledge and experience, they helped to make this a really positive experience. I am now happily retired but also have a plan for the future should my goals and ambitions change.

Why Connor?

With over 25 years of expertise, Connor consultants know the marketplace inside-out. We have the deep industry knowledge, understanding and resources to manage even large-scale, global outplacement programmes. We also offer programmes to support individuals in other stages of career transition, from career break returners to those considering retirement.

We’re proud to be different to other outplacement companies. When you work with Connor, you receive

  • Face-to-face outplacement support for as long as you need it – our unique promise.
  • Tailored outplacement programmes that benefit the individual and the business.
  • Unlimited access to psychometric tools, as well as our acclaimed Connor career centre.
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