Implementing a recruitment strategy to futureproof a growing business

“Steve, Jon and the team understood us from the start. They helped us build on our growing platform and found us the great people we needed for where the business is going next, without taking away any of the great stuff we had in place before.” – Mike George, CEO and Owner, MyTAG

The brief

MyTAG has grown from a small family business with one product to a company that works with hundreds of flagship names providing a myriad of solutions. By reshaping the strategy and the leadership team, we had to support a programme of internal promotions and new hires. MyTAG needed a refreshed Recruitment Strategy, Employee Value Proposition and way to interact with the candidate market.

We also helped them with organisational change, which you can read more about in our case study.

Recruitment support


MyTAG was one of the early adopters of our RPP (Recruitment Project Partners) solution. Our aim was to build on what was already a great workforce at MyTAG. By enabling internal progression for top talent, where appropriate, and finding highly capable new people that would fit in we could quickly add value to what was a the tight-knit, successful family run business.

Some of the key focuses we identified, included:

  • Promote the Sales Director from the internal team.
  • Populate the new Sales Director’s national team accordingly.
  • Promote the IT Director to Managing Director.
  • Free up more time for the Finance Director and Company Secretary.
  • Recruit for the backfill and critical growth roles across the business.




  • We needed to add value and implement new ideas, whilst maintaining BAU and what had made them successful, and enabled MyTAG’s growth potential in the first place.
  • The need to get buy-in to new ways of working and original ideas that would make them stand out from the crowd, in a crowded recruitment market.
  • The previous successful approach of promoting almost exclusively from within.
  • The lack of knowledge and understanding of what attacking the external recruitment market entailed.


Successful outcomes and overcoming these challenges


  • Our solution allowed MyTAG to follow a familiar recruitment model that they’d had previous success with, whilst adding in new approaches that helped fill the vacancies in record time.
  • We reassured the business with data, proof of concept and fabulous candidates coming to the table.
  • As an extension of MyTAG’s team, we maximised the brand, supported recruiting managers and delivered roles far in advance of a typical search approach.
  • We were able to blend previous successful approaches and low cost solutions with new attraction methodologies that gave them access to previous candidates they were unlikely to reach.
  • All vacancies were filled in no time at all, including previous MyTAG employees returning to the place they loved, This helped the business continue to focus on growth and successful change,

Connor’s Recruitment Project Partner team were the talent acquisition team for MyTAG.

Maximising the brand, supporting recruiting managers effectively and being creative in what made the process so slick and effective.

Connor were able to deliver all roles far in advance of a typical contingency or search approach, whilst maintaining BAU and supporting the wider Organisational Change Programme.


What the client said

“Steve, Jon and the team understood us from the start. They helped us build on our successful start, diversification and growth as a business, and found us the great people we needed for where the business is going next, without taking away any of the great stuff that made us successful in the first place.

Mike George
CEO and Owner, MyTAG

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