Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World

Why the move to hybrid working will take more than a sticking plaster fix!

Managing remote teams effectively and hybrid working training

Hybrid working is here to stay. The traditional business model of the daily commute to work is over and with it, traditional management and leadership practices that rely on physical presence as a means of evaluating and driving employee performance. 

Our clients are telling us that what worked before the pandemic is not working now. Employers are feeling the pain in terms of loss of talent and employee disengagement as they struggle to adapt their approaches with the expectations of the modern and enlightened workforce. Many organisations are starting to recognise just how complex the transition to a hybrid working model is and that this cannot be solved with a crisis management approach, policy change, or short term ‘quick fix’ webinars.

Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World programme

At Connor, we go beyond the awareness building workshops to an approach that challenges existing paradigms, provokes deep thought and debate, and delivers a fundamental shift in mindset and behavioural change that really delivers long term success.

We have developed our ‘Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World’ programme as a series of highly engaging and interactive workshops that combine practical tools and relatable content to target six core challenges that organisations face when managing in a hybrid environment, in order to:

  • Create a mindset shift with leaders and managers who need to adapt their own leadership style and thinking to fully support and embrace hybrid working
  • Develop a consistent approach from leaders and managers in how to move to a hybrid model and understanding what the ‘new normal’ will mean in their own organisations
  • Strategically re-think their culture to support and embrace a hybrid working environment
  • Create a sense of belonging and connectedness to support employee wellbeing and attract and retain talent
  • Move toward a trust-based environment that focusses on outcomes and value and challenges traditional assumptions of presenteeism
  • Maintain and improve productivity and performance though co located teams
  • Implement hybrid working policy fairly and equitably across organisation
  • Manage meetings effectively when balancing virtual and physical presence

83% of workers prefer hybrid working model

The 6Cs approach to Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World

These interactive workshops target specific and timely challenges associated with managing hybrid teams and are based upon six core themes.

Hybrid Working

What makes our workshops different?

Our workshops target the biggest pain points quickly and effectively in order to deliver a shift in mindset and change in behaviours that deliver long term success, by:

  • Minimising disruption when implementing and transitioning to hybrid and virtual ways of working
  • Creating greater alignment about what is required to move at pace and succeed in the ‘new normal’
  • Keeping productivity and performance high during period of change and uncertainty
  • Developing confident leaders and managers whose behaviours impact positively in driving a healthy and sustainable hybrid culture
  • Building a deliberate hybrid environment that is easy to integrate with and can pivot quickly and confidently in response to change
  • Improving stakeholder engagement, attracting and retaining talent by creating a strong employer brand
  • Improve wellbeing and employee engagement and positive impact on business performance
  • Reducing HR / employer time managing conflict

25% of workforces will work from home between three and five days a week

What is included in the workshop?

Six half day (3 ½ hours) modules.

  • Can be taken as individual workshops
  • Context & Culture – start point for senior leaders and executives
  • 2  x Embedding sessions included where all 6 modules are taken
  • Maximum 16 delegate cohort
  • Virtual delivery
  • Client branding and reference to people strategy

* Each individual workshop delivers powerful and transferrable learning on its own. However, taken as a succession of modules, this holistic and flexible approach means that participants get a fully rounded view of what and how to change, in line with the transition to hybrid working. 

We will work with you to tailor sessions to your specific needs and reference any existing support structures and resources currently available in your organisation, keeping everything joined up. To discuss your unique requirements, fill in the request a call back form at the bottom of this page, or call us on 01491 414010.

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