Webinar: Unlocking success: Exploring the shift towards skills-based hiring

Watch on demand – Unlocking success: Exploring the shift towards skills-based hiring

Our recruitment specialists explored the advantages of broadening your hiring strategy, to not just focus on talent with relevant experience, but on talent that has the necessary key skills to thrive in your organisation.

They are joined by Mark Coad, Head of TA for EMEA at GSK, Gurdip Memmi, Senior Employee Benefits Consultant at NFP, and Adrian McDonagh, Co-Founder of Hireful, who share their insights into skills- based hiring, the future of attracting the best candidates to your organisation, and how AI tools can integrated into the recruitment process to support this.

In this session, they explain how you and your organisation can:

Adapt – keep on top of the changing economic climate and why organisations need to look outside their sector for the skills they require.

Attract – the importance of having a strong employer brand, EVP and benefits package in helping to entice the best talent.

Recruit – with many organisations looking to utilise AI tools in the recruitment process, how to optimise and maintain the ‘human’ element.

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