Webinar: Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World

Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World

Whether you call it hybrid, agile or blended working, one thing is for sure – the traditional business model that includes the daily commute to work is over; and with it many management principles and leadership practices that rely on physical presence as a means of evaluating and driving employee performance.

Despite best intentions, organisations are still feeling the pain in terms of loss of talent and employee disengagement as they struggle to adapt their organisational environment with the expectations of the modern workforce. This loss is hurting the employer brand and impacting on its competitive edge which is having a negative effect on profitability and the health and wellbeing of its employees.

Recent research suggests that 83% of employees are looking to work in a hybrid way and one of the top priorities for HR professionals and people centric organisations in 2022 is to develop a successful hybrid environment that drives the future world of work.

Many organisations are starting to recognise just how complex the transition to a hybrid working model is and that this cannot be fixed with a single policy change or quick fix training intervention.

Join us on Wednesday February 23rd at 2pm to hear how our panel of industry experts and business leaders are approaching the move to hybrid including;

  • The six core elements that must be in place to make hybrid working a success
  • How to keep productivity and performance high whilst developing the behaviours required to create a healthy and sustainable hybrid culture
  • The impact that hybrid working has on the strategic business culture
  • Where contemporary management principles and leadership practices are essential for successful hybrid working
  • Why a sticking plaster approach to this tough business and people related issue won’t work
  • How to create a fundamental shift in mindset and behavioural change that really delivers long term success
  • And we dive into more practical topics about how to communicate and collaborate


Our panel of experts will be announced shortly.


Host: Nicky Valmas, Director Organisational Change and HR Services, Connor

Mandeep Dhatt, Executive Director of Human Resources, McLaren Automotive

Chris Keenan
Co-Founder & CEO, Unibeez

Maryann Johnson-Hill, Director of Industrialisation (Reduced Risk Products), Philip Morris International

Lynda Rollason, Founder & Co-owner, The Hub (Management Services) Ltd

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