Webinar: How are HR Leaders adapting their 2023 plans already to the challenges they face?

How are HR Leaders adapting their 2023 plans as a result of the challenges they face?

Tuesday 28th March 2023 – 2:00pm – 3:00pm

With the current macroeconomic environment continuing the trend of today’s HR leaders having to deal with unprecedented and ongoing changes, the phrase ‘organisational change’ has become far more than a plan you might have to implement. It’s a daily business reality. And a reality that isn’t disappearing. How have you adapted thus far in 2023? How are you developing and adapting your strategies, when things are changing over night?

Join us on Tuesday 28th March at 2:00pm where we’re going to review the year so far, share how some of your peers have adapted to current challenges head on with a ‘people-first’ change approach, offer up advice to the challenges that are still most pressing to you and look forward to the opportunities that still lie ahead in 2023.

We’ll question where we are making progress as a function and importantly, where we aren’t. This session will be truly interactive, and as part of the registration process we will ask you to share your biggest learning as you’ve adapted to 2023, and your biggest challenges still to resolve. Throughout the session you will have the opportunity to ask our panel your most pressing questions and we hope you walk away with ideas on how you can keep moving the needle in your organisation.

We will adapt the agenda to answer your questions and keep it interactive, and will also cover areas like:

  • The economic climate – how have HR leaders been tackling the strikes, the impact of the cost of living crisis and long-standing promised Brexit legislation challenges
  • Organisational culture – we’ll look from a range of angles, such as recruitment, pay, benefits and L&D – how have you tackled organisational agility? how are you are truly addressing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and who has and hasn’t solved the long-running hybrid working conundrum?
  • The changing face of skills – how are you planning to address the current skills challenges – and what we can do to keep ahead of the curve?

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