Webinar: How should an HR team prepare for radical organisational change?

How should an HR team prepare for radical organisational change?

Listen to our expert panellists discuss how HR should prepare a business for organisational change when it’s no longer fit for purpose or needs to make a significant change in direction.

Our open and informative discussion will address the methods and approaches HR professionals should be adopting and what questions they should be asking the business.

The panel will give a balanced view and debate on the following :

  • Should HR initiate and lead the change ?
  • Should HR Facilitate change initiated elsewhere in the business?
  • How does HR assess readiness for change?
  • How to Hone Communicator skills – what should HR be looking for ?
  • How should HR manage Employee Resistance ?
  • Which communication strategies and methodologies prove most effective in the contemporary organisation setting?
  • What are the most common pitfalls and things that go wrong
  • Other common obstacles ?

Hear from experts that have been involved with change projects of this kind and willing to share their learnings, guidance and wisdom on what can make the difference.



Host: Nicky Valmas, Director Organisational Change and HR Services, Connor

Mandeep Dhatt

Mandeep Dhatt, Executive Director of Human Resources, McLaren Automotive

Chris Keenan

Chris Keenan
Co-Founder & CEO, Unibeez

Maryann Johnson-Hill

Maryann Johnson-Hill, Director of Industrialisation (Reduced Risk Products), Philip Morris International

Lynda Rollason

Lynda Rollason, Founder & Co-owner, The Hub (Management Services) Ltd