Webinar: Leadership Characteristics and the Future of Work

Leadership Characteristics and the Future of Work

Reforming leadership – the skills required to retain talent.

As job vacancies continue to soar following the pandemic, many organisations are prioritising talent retention as their number one focus to lead and build successful businesses for the future.

HR professionals are re designing recruitment and retention strategies to strengthen their workforce, and one critical area requiring focus is leadership skills and competencies.

As the world of work has changed significantly in the last few years, many organisations are finding a disconnect between traditional leadership practices and the wants and needs of their employees. This has given progressive organisations an opportunity to rethink what skills the future leader will need and how this is reflected in leadership recruitment and development.

Hear how industry experts are preparing their leaders with the skills they need to help their future organisations thrive. They explore:

  • What skills do we need to develop as leaders and what do we need to let go of?
  • Why what you think of your leadership is not as important as what your employees think.
  • What will leadership of the future need to look like to for organisations to prosper and thrive
  • Why inclusive leadership gets better results.
  • What are the top three critical skills leadership need to adopt now?