Webinar: Navigating wellbeing and resilience for today and the future

Navigating wellbeing and resilience for today and the future


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Wellness, in its broadest sense, has been a topic of increasing interest for organisations and individuals over the years, and this has accelerated exponentially over the past months. The desire and, indeed, necessity to support our employees (and help them to support themselves) is impossible to ignore.

The world of work is changing. As employers we need to equip ourselves, and our employees, as we navigate into a future that may not see the workplace norms of the past return. The challenge for many organisations is the overwhelming range of options they can choose to support their people’s wellbeing and resilience. What should we implement? What do we need now? What will we need in the future? How do I help those most in need? Should we offer the same support to everyone? What responsibility should we take as an employer? What really works?

In this webinar, in partnership with our partners NFP, we’ll take it back to basics, identifying:

  • what truly makes a difference to individuals’ wellness (and, hence, their motivation, engagement, productivity, retention and overall health)

  • what many organisations already have easy access to, which could help

  • what else is important today (in the context of what organisations and their people are facing) and looking into the future

Join us to hear the rich conversation between our panel of business leaders, wellness and personal resilience experts on this topic.


Julia Nickless, Director, People Development, Connor

Jo Bristow, People Development Manager, Connor

Tony Gates

Tony Gates, MD Civils, Sir Robert McAlpine

Claire Gibson

Claire Gibson – Employee Benefits Consultant, NFP

Simon Shepherd

Simon Shepard – Senior Connor Associate and CEO Optima-life