Webinar: Personal Resilience in Cyber Security – The Unacknowledged Risk!

Personal Resilience in Cyber Security – The Unacknowledged Risk!


At most companies, boards and senior executives quite rightly acknowledge the serious threats that cyberattacks pose to their business. But while cybersecurity is a critical aspect of companies’ technology infrastructures, most people don’t understand that the human impact of working in this industry has a serious mental and emotional impact. The result?**

  • 56% having sleepless nights worrying about work.
  • 51% experiencing negative emotions and mental health issues, such as depression, anger or anxiety.
  • 50% of UK cybersecurity executives feeling burnt out and considering resigning due to the constant pressure they’re under.
  • 42% claiming to have called in sick because they couldn’t face going into work.
  • 40% of people being forced to seek help due to work-related stress such as migraines, panic attacks and high blood pressure.
  • On top of that more than 60% of companies report having unfilled cyber positions and understaffed teams.

Further exacerbating the above issues*, the business and personal impact of cyber professionals experiencing lack of sleep, tiredness, or stress can present as lack of attention to detail, impaired decision making, poor critical thinking, and in turn affect things like time to detection and remediation, or worse!

Does any of this resonate? What could be the organisational and more importantly human cost?

Watch our latest webinar, where Sara Moore (Cyber Threat Intelligence at BNY Mellon), Lorraine Dryland (Global CISO at First Sentier Investors and formerly at Department of Work and Pensions, Vodafone, Bank of England, and National Crime Agency), and Pete Culley (Cyber Security Expert) discuss the dangers of stress and burnout in cybersecurity, and the three lines of defence you can easily implement to build a people strategy for supporting employee wellbeing in your organisation.

* ISACA State of Cybersecurity Report
** AI Vectra Research

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