Connor challenges the status quo with ‘Coaching for Everyone’

For too long, coaching has been reserved for senior individuals, seen as too expensive, or just considered too complicated to work across all levels.

… Now, each and every one of your people can be excited by the transformational impact of coaching, regardless of seniority, grade, or title!

We are delighted to have launched a brand-new coaching solution, Coaching for Everyone, which provides personalised and professional coaching to anyone across your organisation who needs it, for whatever they need it for.

This unique solution is an easy to buy, affordable, simple to deploy, and flexible approach which provides a personalised and professional coaching service through a ‘pool’ of coaching time, delivered in a way that suits your people – and budget.

Connor’s Director of People Development, Paul Armstrong, explains,

“We know that coaching can make a difference to almost any situation, challenge, or goal – that’s why we are on a mission to change the status quo and make coaching more accessible and more affordable! Coaching for everyone allows you to purchase one solution from one dedicated supplier, that is tailored to every individual’s unique needs and requirements.

Because we work in coaching time, not ‘number of sessions,’ it means that every penny of your budget goes towards actual coaching activity and unleashes the benefits of coaching for you, your team, or across your whole organisation.”

Helping people to work on specific professional or personal development goals, or as added value through your EAP or benefits programme, Coaching for Everyone:

  • Can be delivered when you need it, for whatever you need it for
  • Is flexible, scalable, and affordable. Allocate a set time per person or a flexible approach for whoever needs it the most
  • Has special rates for charities, and a number of low bursary rates we offer each year, depending on client circumstances
  • Can compliment your own internal coaching, or provide you with support you don’t have inhouse
  • Matches each individual with a specific coach based on their preferred style and coaching objectives
  • Works to your specific budget and timeframes
  • Offers high quality coaching to anyone who would value it, with significant cost savings compared to traditional coaching costs

Managing Director at Connor, Fraser Silvey adds,

“Coaching really can be a transformational tool. We are proud to be able to offer coaching support that is personal, in a way that doesn’t compromise on its ingredients, and that delivers clear goals, actionable outputs, and accelerated outcomes for everyone. We are so passionate about this that we even have a number of bursary rates to offer each year depending on client circumstances.”

To find out more about this unique service, head over to our Coaching for Everyone page, or speak to one of our experts on 01491 414010.


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