Talent development

Talent development is about equipping everyone in the organisation.


You are not alone. Every organisation is going through complex and changing times as they grow, adapt, rethink or contract in the face of Brexit, volatility and uncertainty. Your people need to have the right skills, motivation and engagement to thrive – and for you to be able to retain them in a climate of chronic skills shortage.

There are winners and losers in this high-stakes evolution: whether you emerge stronger and fitter or diminished and demoralised depends on how you equip your organisation for change.

“Connor had a real desire to understand our challenges and worked with us to deliver the right learning. Our people told us that Connor’s delivery was noticeably different.”Head of learning & development

Why choose Connor's talent development services

  • A resolutely human approach. Connor provides tailored and personal development that feels part of your organisation, not something "done to" your people.
  • Sustained behavioural change that is genuinely embedded into your organisation using our unique ROI model of talent development.
  • Our hand-picked team have real-world experience – we have walked in your shoes, having held in-house careers, so understand your priorities and pitfalls.
  • Our programmes are rooted in tried-and-tested , delivered in a practical, engaging way. Experience the full series of modules or choose those that best meet your challenges.
  • Our INSPIRED Performance programme is for everyone in your organisation. It’s about developing "humans" whatever role they are in.
Read more about our talent development modules - the INSPIRED series - here

Connor runs talent development programmes for a range of individuals, with our trademark passion for making it personal. 

Our track record:

  • Resilience training - Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and the Tower of London
  • HR development - Essex County Council
  • Coaching skills programme for high-potential leaders - SAS
  • Mindset as part of a manager development programme in a consultancy.

Take a look at our case studies for more information.

For all things talent development and advice on the challenges of talent management, contact Connor today. We will be happy to explain the benefits for your organisation.

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