Coaching for Everyone

We’re on a mission to make coaching accessible to everyone!

Did you know that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills?

We are on a mission to bring the power of coaching to everyone!

It’s a harsh truth that now more than ever our HR team is not only expected to support our business to navigate change, but manage change for themselves – all whilst operating in the most complex and change driven environment we’ve ever seen.

Sound familiar? So how can we make sure our people are at the top of their game and provide them with the support they need to lead effectively?

For too long, coaching has been reserved only for senior individuals, seen as too expensive, or considered too complicated to work across all levels – That’s why we’re on a mission to make coaching more accessible and more affordable…

Now, all your people can be excited by the transformational impact of coaching.

The team at Connor have developed an easy to buy, simple to deploy, flexible and scalable ‘Coaching for Everyone’ programme, which provides a personalised and professional coaching service to anyone across your organisation who needs it, within a set budget.

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Coaching for Everyone

We know that coaching can make a difference to any situation, challenge or goal so Coaching for Everyone allows you to purchase one solution that is tailored to every individual’s unique needs and requirements. Your people receive the dedicated, bespoke support they want and need, without the logistical challenges of sourcing and managing multiple providers and solutions.

Because we work in coaching time, not ‘number of sessions’, it means that every penny of your budget goes towards actual coaching activity and unleashes the benefits of coaching across your whole organisation. Agile, personalised deployment, clear goals, actionable outputs, and accelerated outcomes, for everyone.

Purchase a flexible ‘pool’ of professional coaching capacity for you or your team, accessible by the hour, for a specific group of employees, or for anyone who needs it.

We can extend your own internal coaching capacity or provide you with professional support that you don’t already have in-house.

And, at volume, it’s much more cost effective than you might think. We will work to your budget, whilst ensuring we never compromise on the ingredients that make professional coaching so powerful, starting with the trusting relationship between the coach and coachee. We are so passionate about this that we even have a number of bursary rates to offer each year depending on client circumstances.

  • Individuals of your HR team who need a flexible and cost-effective approach to coaching to focus on specific challenges.
  • Selected groups or teams such as talents, HiPo’s or project teams who may be experiencing change and need additional support.
  • Organisational upskilling challenges where broad skills development areas have been identified. We can align to your competencies or skills needs and focus our coaching around them.
  • Offer high quality coaching to anyone in your HR team who would value or benefit from it.
  • Purchase a flexible ‘pool’ of professional coaching capacity for you or your team, by the hour, for a specific group of employees or for anyone who needs it.
  • Use our same rigorously assessed, qualified and diverse coaches who are professionally supervised and attend regular development.
  • Each individual matched with a specific coach based on preferred style and coaching objectives, helping build a trusting and effective relationship.
  • Flexibility in allocation of coaching time – a set time per person or flexibility to deliver coaching for whoever most needs it at that time.

“Invaluable, it really changed my career, life, and perspective. The very flexible approach helped me through a very challenging period.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions. Our sessions were always structured and supportive. I always looked forward to the next session and I felt really good afterwards. We worked on my performance, promotional development, and aspirations. My coach is very skilful and it was a pleasure working with her. Thank you so much Connor!”

Executive Coaching – Will Hall
Client stories

Executive Coaching – Will Hall

Will Hall, Vice President – Commercial, RCI EME
Leadership coaching with VoicePrint
Client stories

Leadership coaching with VoicePrint

Bertil Videt, Global Communications Leader
Leadership coaching – Helen Hare
Client stories

Leadership coaching – Helen Hare

Helen Hare, Director of Project Management – Great Portland Estates Plc
Leadership coaching – Janine Cole
Client stories

Leadership coaching – Janine Cole

Janine Cole, Director of Sustainability and Community – Great Portland Estates
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