Executive coaching

One to one, face to face coaching for leaders and emerging leaders


Our executive and leadership coaching service helps your professionals to get improvements in many aspects of performance. You and your people get the desired improvements and a return on the coaching investment. What's more, our approach to leadership development has been recognised by the CIPD.

Who executive coaching is for 

  • Managing directors and CEOs
  • Owners, partners and entrepreneurs
  • Senior executives
  • High potential people
  • Professionals with particular challenges or development needs.

When executive coaching can help

Here are some of the typical scenarios that our coaches support:

  • Leaders who want support and challenge with a peer level coach, enabling them to have time to think and plan
  • Individuals experiencing significant stretch in their role, or who are going through high levels of change
  • People promoted to a new role without the right support or when there is a known skill or behavioural gap identified, which needs support to ensure a successful transition
  • High potential 'flight risk' individuals who you want to invest in to retain
  • People who are technically strong but need to develop their leadership skills
  • Individuals at a career crossroads who need help to decide on what to do next
  • Leaders who have 'lost their spark' or may not be in the right role
  • People who are disengaged in their role or the organisation.

Why Connor? The benefits for your people

  • We deliver a personal, one to one executive coaching service that is built around the specific needs of the individual
  • We match your people with the right coach – we will ensure they have the right professional and personal chemistry that will deliver a constructive dynamic
  • We have a dedicated coaching practice with a broad selection of experienced and accredited executive coaches giving you choice over who supports your people.
  • Our coaches have all had successful, high profile careers. They will have held leadership roles in industry and will have experience of the challenges your people face
  • We deliver long-term, sustainable behaviour and mind-set change. We focus on your people's strengths and how to use these to best effect, plus anything that may be holding them back. Our goal is to help your people to make changes that give significant and lasting benefits
  • Our approach to leadership development was recognised at the 2017 CIPD People Management Awards.

Why Connor? The benefits for your organisation

  • You get the outcomes you want. We work with individuals who want to change an aspect of their performance and provide them with a safe place to think, reflect and change, whilst offering the right level of challenge
  • We have a panel of coaches for you and your people to choose from. You might want a coach with experience of working with specialists from a particular sector – IT sales professionals for example – so ask us for one
  • Our coaches are highly qualified with accreditations from organisations including: the association for Coaching (AC), the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), the Institute of Human Development (IHD) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
  • Our coaches can use established profiling tools and techniques like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Neuro Linguistic Progamming (NLP) and Spiral Dynamics plus cutting-edge ones like VoicePrint. We are agnostic when it comes to tools and techniques. The coach and coachee will agree what will deliver the best insight for the coachee and enable the outcomes they want
  • Unlike many executive coaching companies, we assess all our coaches through a rigorous assessment process before they join the practice and then support them through induction. They have committed to continual professional development and are engaged in long term coaching supervision
  • We can support you on a local, national and international basis and can manage large scale, global executive and leadership coaching programmes.

Executive coaching service – at a glance

Everyone's different and our service reflects that – but broadly speaking your people follow a four-step process over six to eight months:

Step one – matching your people with the right coach

A face to face chemistry meeting between your employee and a shortlisted coach. We are passionate about getting the right match – to create the perfect partnership between your employee and their coach. If, for any reason, they do not feel the match is right, we will pair them with another coach for another chemistry session before any coaching starts.

Step two – coaching kick off

A face to face meeting to facilitate a three-way conversation between your employee, their manager and their coach, to agree objectives, outcomes, roles and responsibilities.

Step three – core coaching programme

We agree with you the duration of your desired coaching programme, typically this covers six coaching sessions of a two to three hour duration. These take place every four to six weeks, to allow your people time in between to work with new techniques and building on the results.

Step four – coaching review

A face to face meeting to facilitate a second three-way conversation between your employee, their manager and their coach, to review the outcomes of your coaching programme and agree next steps.

What behavioural changes do our executive coaching candidates achieve?

  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, self-belief and confidence
  • More effective personal impact
  • Greater team performance
  • Improved engagement and leadership of their people
  • Improved working relationships
  • More effective strategic thinking
  • Calmness and reduced pressure
  • Greater ability to influence upwards
  • Innovative thinking.

What does executive coaching cost?

We treat all of your people as individuals and our prices reflect that. Call us now for a quote based on your specific requirements.

"Our coaches have all had high profile careers in industry and many have been managing directors, board members, non-executive directors or have founded their own businesses. You might be looking for a coach with specific sector or functional experience or a particular style and personality – so ask us for one."Kate Keaney, head of HR services and talent & organisation development, Connor

What other coaching to we offer?

  • Developing coaching skills for your leaders and managers. Our expert coaches train your leaders and managers to have a coaching skill set for themselves which they can deploy within day to day work to improve the performance of themselves and their people
  • Team coaching. Our coaches don't just train on a one to one basis, they also train teams. Teams are the most common way things do or don't get done in organisations. Just like individual coaching needs, teams have coaching needs too, to improve their dynamic and performance 
  • One to one speaking and presenting coaching. We support professionals to feel confident and deliver powerful presentations on stage, on the radio, on TV and online. At the heart of effective public speaking is understanding an individual's personal beliefs and blockers and helping them to overcome them. 
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