Executive and leadership coaching programmes

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In an ever-more complex work environment, executive leadership coaching enables leaders to perform at their best to lead their organisations in a future-focused, agile and diverse way. 

What is executive coaching and who is it for?

Leaders who benefit from executive business coaching include:

  • Board-level individuals who want support and challenge with a peer-level coach, giving them opportunity to think and plan.
  • Leaders who are technically strong, but want to focus on enhancing and developing their leadership and people skills.
  • High-potential “flight risk” executives you want to invest in to retain.
  • Leaders experiencing significant stretch in their role or who are under stress.
  • Executives promoted to a new role without the right support, struggling to adapt to change or facing project challenges.
“I had recently been promoted to a more strategic role. Connor’s coaching helped me to deal with more ambiguity, a new boss, managing people who used to be my peers and being the only female member of the executive team.”General manager, environmental company
“In the few meetings I have had with Lizzie, she has already been instrumental in guiding me to answers that were already available in my mind but somehow needed unlocking. In her very keen style, her coaching has provided an immense amount of direction, clarity and to a major part, forced me to think in a different way. Something I did not think I was capable of doing. Not wanting to use a cliché, but she has shown me how to see the forest from the trees”
Sanjay Lall, Corporate Vice President, Operations EMEA at Cadence Design Systems

Why choose Connor

We do executive coaching differently:

  • Personalised coaching tailored to your objectives, outcome focused, rooted in the business and delivering measurable ROI.
  • Rigorously assessed qualified coaches who are professionally supervised and attend regular development sessions.
  • Coaches carefully matched to each executive’s professional and personal chemistry to ensure they will get the best out of your senior people. 
  • Programmes to suit a range of budgets, constructed from a set of options tailored to fit you, including 360-degree feedback, psychometric tools such as VoicePrint and job shadowing/observation.

Personalised coaching

Connor’s personalised coaching is built around each individual. Unlike traditional executive coaching services, with Connor you purchase a ‘pool’ of coaching hours to be used in the way that suits the coaching needs of the executive, giving real in-the-moment learning for sustained, powerful results. Avoid the lag and loss of momentum caused by fixed timetabled sessions.

Return on investment from executive coaching and mentoring includes:

  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, sense of calm and reduced pressure.
  • Clear purpose, self-belief and confidence in navigating organisation politics and change.
  • Greater strategic thinking, leadership of their people and overall team performance.
  • More effective personal impact and ability to influence upwards.
  • Decreased risk of losing talent in critical risk roles.
“Coaching quickly became a refreshing part of my working life. It gave me the space and time to be selfish and think about the things that I needed to do to be successful.”Experienced sales director, Sonus

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