Why Brexit and outplacement go hand in hand

Brexit has already brought about large amounts of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) for companies in the UK. With big brands like Honda or Dyson making headlines due to restructure, it’s safe to say that Brexit is likely to cause even more organisations to restructure, whether that’s through downsizing, site closures, moving centres of operation or consolidation. Each of these will likely mean organisations may need to look at redundancies, bringing effective planning for and management of redundancy programmes into sharp focus.

In these volatile times, outplacement services could be an ideal solution for managing redundancies

outplacement services can offer during Brexit

When times are as uncertain as those Brexit has brought about, outplacement services can be invaluable to an organisation in two key ways:

Keeping the workforce motivated through Brexit

It’s always important to keep your workforce motivated – but in the challenging economic conditions Brexit is fostering, any dip in productivity and engagement will be felt much more keenly. Actively supporting those leaving through an individually tailored outplacement program – including workshops, a career transition coach and other structured methods – can help keep them focused and engaged on the task at hand during what may be a tumultuous period in their life. At the same time, employees remaining with the organisation will know that those leaving are being looked after as well as possible, boosting their morale and productivity and making them more likely to stay with your organisation through the restructure. Given the scarcity of talent in many industries at the moment, ensuring you retain your top talent is just as important as keeping your leavers motivated.

2. Preserving brand reputation

Even a cursory glance at the news will show you that, even when alternative reasons are given, closures and job losses are being magnified in the press due to Brexit. This means it may be more important than ever to manage redundancy effectively and ensure that those leaving the business do so in a positive manner. Mishandling of these situations could cause long term damage to the brand, making it harder for you to build a pipeline of talent in the future. Executive outplacement support, like that offered by Connor, can help with this; by aiding your leavers all the way through to finding a new position, or even potentially starting a company of their own, leaving them with a positive impression of your organisation.

Get support with outplacement through Brexit

During Brexit, a truly tailored approach to outplacement is more important than ever. At Connor we pride ourselves in supporting organisations through volatile and uncertain times, living your values and helping you maintain business as usual while protecting your brand. With over 25 years of expertise, Connor’s consultants know the best approach for your organisation. If you want to talk to us about our outplacement services then please get in touch on 01491 525 501contact us via the website.


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