Webinar: Becoming a working parent in 2020

Becoming a working parent in 2020: What’s new for employers and individuals starting/growing their family now?

26th November 2020 – 10:00am – 11:00am

Long has momentum been gaining for the case to better support expectant and new (and, of course, existing!) parents in the workplace.

The introduction of Shared Parental leave, greater transparency around gender pay gap reporting (albeit, hampered this year), more open dialogue in the workplace on issues such as fertility, and a shift to more flexible working have been important catalysts and enablers for those starting or growing their families. And, much more can be done to improve things for both new parents and their employers.

The huge impact on social, economic and healthcare dynamics this year, in association with lockdown, remote working, organisational restructures, furlough and health & safety considerations, amongst others, has made the adventure of becoming a new working parent even more ‘interesting’! What has this meant for new parents and employers, for better or worse, and how might it shape how we move forward?

In this panel discussion, we hear from a range of individuals who are both passionate and expert in the area of parental transitions – Employment law specialists who support flexible and agile working requests as well as advising on legal obligations, in-house Diversity & HR leads, researchers and speakers on the topic of working parenthood and experts in delivering programmes of support for new parents.


Jemma Pugh
Senior Associate, Employment
Wedlake Bell LLP

Rachel Billington
HR Senior Diversity & Inclusion Lead
Metropolitan Police

Christine Armstrong
Popular speaker on working parenting and Author, The Mother of All Jobs 

Jo Bristow
Parental Transition and People Development Expert

Rhiannon Rowley

Rhiannon Rowley
Career Transition Manager and returning mum

Julia Nickless (Chair)
Director of People Development & Parental Support