Leadership and Management Development Programme – with mental health and wellbeing at its heart

An end-to-end, OFG-tailored ‘Outstanding Leaders’ programme for 160 managers and leaders.

The brief

Outcomes First Group (OFG) colleagues who work on the front-line go above and beyond to support those in need. For many it’s a vocational career and they give a lot of themselves in a challenging environment. Add to this the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and this is heightened. As a result, front-line staff are inherently at higher risk of mental health issues vs the general worker population, and although there are a variety of support systems in place for colleagues, our client found that take up was low. Skills and confidence amongst their leaders and managers was variable and employee exit interviews also consistently showed that more needed to be done. OFG required a bespoke leadership development programme that would create a wave of cultural change, delivering a shift in both knowledge and behaviour, making OFG a better place to work, and providing a consistent and applicable toolkit that leaders and managers could begin to apply immediately.

“We want our people to feel confident to express how they feel honestly, without fear of repercussion.” Helen Richards, OFG  

Why Connor

Having worked with the Chief People Officer at OFG previously, our client knew that we have extensive experience in delivering leadership and manager development programmes that are tailored to the unique requirements of each business. They also recognised that we would be able to create a version of our award-winning content that could be delivered remotely, without losing impact.

Cultural alignment was also key for our client. They needed a supplier that could work alongside their existing L&D team, fitting in seamlessly, and able to scale up and down where required.

Our approach

We developed an end-to-end, OFG-tailored ‘Outstanding Leaders’ programme for their 160 managers and leaders. The programme was split into 2 tiers, firstly focusing on developing oneself as a leader, and secondly how to lead others & lead strategically.

The programme placed mental health at the heart, helping to build leadership capabilities in these areas and focusing on the impact that managers and leaders have on the performance, mental health, and wellbeing of themselves and their teams.

Our approach weaved science and personal diagnostics together, combining our award-winning inspired leadership content, including VoicePrint to raise awareness of how to communicate, with ‘real’ life practical toolkits and blended learning that makes a difference ‘on the ground.’

We delivered parts of the programme in partnership with our client’s internal L&D team, working alongside them shoulder-to-shoulder and building in constant evaluation points to ensure that the programme was delivering the outcomes agreed, amending it as we went.

What we delivered

The programme contained 11 half day workshops and focused on the three critical themes that underpin the behavioural changes OFG were seeking ‘on the ground’ and through the way their people lead.

All workshops were underpinned by learning and knowledge embedding sessions.

Stage 1: Understanding myself as a person and as a leader

1. Who am I as a leader?

2. My personal wellbeing

3. My communication habits

4. My impact and influence

VoicePrint 360 feedback

Embedding session

Stage 2: Managing / leading others successfully and compassionately

5. Adapting my leadership style

6. Managing others through tough times

7. Managing conflict and having challenging conversations

Embedding session

8. Leading for high performance

9. Leading high performing teams

10. Leading strategically 1

11. Leading strategically 2

Embedding session

The results

50 measurable outcomes were identified for this programme and OFG saw a positive shift in all 50.

What the client said

“Working with Connor and their team of experienced training consultants on the Outstanding Leaders Programme was a successful collaboration. It enabled us to utilise the expertise of an established training partner in conjunction with our own in-house trainers to deliver a quality and bespoke programme of learning that introduced best practice models for our existing and emerging managers and leaders. The Connor team was always flexible and responsive to our needs and invested significant time in the development of our team to ensure success.”

Trixie Palwala, Head of Learning and Development

 Some words from our delegates

“What I found most helpful was learning as I go. As a new manager the material has been helpful to deal with the challenges as they come up – it has been so timely.”

 “The Connor facilitators were very engaging, and I enjoyed working with them.”

 “The programme was really worthwhile, and it gave me space to think and learn. I also appreciated connecting with and learning about other leaders across the business.”

 “I have really observed the cultural impact of this programme first hand. My leaders are more rounded in how they are using their voices in their communication. I have seen more positive recognition, celebrating success and more accountability.”

“I want to thank you again for an inspirational course and your facilitation, which kept the pace and motivation going for the group. Reflecting about the programme a few months on with my cohort, we all marvelled at how much we had covered, what we had taken away from it, and the strategies we are now using every day in the office and in some cases, at home.”

“It has shaped me and strengthened me as a leader. Meeting other leaders on the journey was particularly helpful.”

 “I have seen positive changes with my team as a result of attending the program, and a difference from where they were at the start, to where they are now.”


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