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When it comes to business, talk isn't cheap. From the board room to the shop floor, the way we speak and how it is received by others is a big deal because it’s ultimately how we get things done. Talk provides the questions, the narrative and the direction that drives business and makes things happen – from building relationships to making sales.

VoicePrint is a framework for developing competence in the use of talk. It identifies a set of nine distinctive 'voices' that are required to communicate successfully at work. By raising awareness of the patterns and the consequences of the voices that you favour or neglect, VoicePrint enables rapid, practical improvement in this pivotal skill.

What is VoicePrint?

The VoicePrint questionnaire is an online self-assessment which looks at the characteristic but usually unconscious patterns in how you talk. It provides a new, immediate and practical means of raising self-awareness and developing personal and inter-personal effectiveness. This lets us report on whether your results are high, typical or low relative to most people and the likely implications that this has for your interactions with others.

VoicePrint 360 adds a crucial further dimension through a companion online questionnaire, which complements your VoicePrint self-perception with feedback from people who actually work with you – your managers, peers, subordinates and customers. It reveals more about your actual impact on others, and how this might differ from one group to another. It then points out where you need to focus your attention and development, and practical steps that you can take to improve.

VoicePrint relationship profiling is a diagnostic tool for combining and contrasting individual VoicePrint profiles to explore the dynamics, implications and development priorities in particular relationships and interactions. It can be used to examine relationships and reputations either on a one-to-one basis or in the context of whole teams and groups. It facilitates relating, engagement and teamwork by exposing tensions, tacit biases and ‘sticking points’ that might need to be addressed.

Why Connor? The benefits of using VoicePrint for your organisation

  • It provides practical insights that enable you to create specific development activities which improve your performance by increasing your influence and impact with all of your important stakeholders
  • It helps boards and senior management teams to improve the effectiveness of their meetings, through discussions that are more complete, more agile and more productive, leading to better and faster outcomes and improved downward communication within the business
  • It helps managers to understand the impact they are having on the people in their teams, and on their peers, and what they can change to improve the engagement, commitment and contributions of those people
  • It helps business partners to understand and adapt their communicative behaviours to become true strategic partners of the business
  • It helps anyone who works with other people to be more mindful, adept and productive in the way they interact.

We recently spoke to Share Radio about the use of talk in the office. We discussed what our talk says about us and the feedback that we get from clients who have used the VoicePrint assessment with their employees.

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