Line manager development

Training for managers, line managers and team leaders.


Managers play a vital role in organisations, from devising and implementing strategies through to motivating and engaging their people, not to mention ensuring they comply with ever changing employment policies and procedures.

Employees are often promoted to manager due to their great technical know-how however they may lack the knowledge, skills and behaviours to fulfil the most challenging part of their role – effectively managing individuals or teams. Under developed line managers can have a negative impact on employees and this can lead to increased costs for low engagement, employee turnover and poor performance.

Organisations need to equip their management population to enable them to step change from good managers, to effective leaders.

Our development modules have been designed to provide the skills, behaviours and confidence to be an effective manager. We recognise that the capability needed at first time manager, experienced manager and organisation leader is different and builds over time. These modules follow that progression and provide you with a framework of development units to meet your needs. In this programme we cover:

Level 1 – Introduction to management

Covering the essentials for managers with little or no management experience.

Level 2 – Intermediate management

For experience managers continuing their development building upon their skill set and addressing the transition to leader.

Level 3 – Advanced management

For the level 3 advanced development programme please see our INSPIRED Performance programme.

How are the modules structured?

Recognising the complexity of line management roles, our manager development framework addresses four fundamental aspects of the role. This framework blends an understanding of individual style with the capabilities needed to manage others and connect back in to the organisation.

Our modules cover comprehensive content and we can integrate our material with your vision, strategy, policies and procedures so that it is specific and relevant to you.

"We chose Connor because we felt their values most closely matched ours, they listened to what we wanted and quickly got to grips with our distinctive culture."Head of HR, Royal Horticultural Society
"We offer you a unique 80/20 approach where 80% of the content has already been developed by our experts and is ready for you 'off the shelf' and in every case this will be adapted a further 20% to address your specific needs, situation and context."Kim Foster, head of talent & organisation development, Connor

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