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The world of talent and organisation development is broad and can be complex to navigate. To make it simple, we present our services in three key areas. We consult with, develop and coach individuals, teams and organisations, working alongside you to embed change – enabling your organisation to achieve performance goals and cultural change.

Many of your challenges will relate to people. Consider the impact of an underperforming leader responsible for a team with salary costs of £500,000 and a revenue target of £2 million – can you afford not to help them improve?

"The difference in behaviour in our leadership team is astonishing and the quality of their output has improved noticeably. We're thrilled with the fundamental changes you've made to our business." Sharon Platts, HR director, Flogas

Why Connor? The benefits for your organisation

  • We deliver behavioural change and better performance – fast. Our clients often tell us that they see almost instant improvements when working with us and that they achieve the cultural change they are looking for in months, not years.
  • Our methods work for you because our approach has scientific rigour based around experiential and applied learning. It means that we engage and develop your people using statistically proven techniques that have already enabled better performance in thousands of other organisations.
  • We make learning digestible, real-life and relevant. Once individuals understand the science behind it, we ensure learning is engaging and memorable. This way everyone's learning needs are met. Then we help you apply it practically to individual challenges and your organisational needs.


  • We provide balanced solutions. You want access to talent and organisational development that has a track record of delivering results. Equally, generic development rarely works – it has most impact when it is appropriate and relevant for your people. Most of our content is ready to go, developed by industry experts with a track record of results. We personalise it for your organisation so it is delivered in the right style, language and environment for you and specifically applied to your unique challenges.
  • We use tools to raise individual and team awareness and build the case for change. Our work is underpinned using proven, personality and competency based tools. We will assess your people's competence through practical assessment of their personality, revealing the impact their judgement, drive and influence have on getting things done and on others.
  • We focus on embedding learning and behavioural change in your organisation. Most people can tell you about their best learning experience, but few can tell you about what achieved long-term, sustained behaviour and culture change. Our clients tell us that we are unique in helping them achieve this quickly. We do this by encouraging that learning is embedded in a variety of ways as part of the daily routines of people and teams. 
  • Our consultants have all had in-house careers. We do not employ career consultants. Our people have all held senior leadership, HR or learning and development roles in a variety of organisations. They join Connor because they want to share their expertise with organisations who face challenges that they love to solve.
"We believe that creating and embedding behaviour change is critical to better performance so we work with you to identify issues and resolve them." Kim Foster, head of talent & organisation development, Connor
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