Survive and thrive through restructures


It is perfectly normal to feel anxious when restructures happens. They affect everyone from leaders and line managers to employees, customers and volunteers.

Organisations can become paralysed by restructures when they are not managed well. A lot of time, energy and attention can be spent internally and this has a negative impact on customers, service and performance. It is likely to leave those remaining in the organisation feeling unsettled and unsure. Critical to the success of any restructure is rapid re-engagement of:

  • Leaders and line managers who often communicate and manage the restructure yet can themselves be disengaged by it

  • Individuals affected by the new structure who are remaining in the organisation and need to re-engage with the new organisation, their role and team

  • Teams who are often re-comprised of different people. They need expert support to re-form effectively building trust and confidence in one and other and the way forward.

What is the Connor solution?

We offer unique 'survive and thrive' workshops which directly address colleague re-engagement and resilience. We understand what it takes to move people and teams through the change curve effectively so that individuals feel supported and listened to, the impact of the restructure is well managed and the effect on organisation performance can be minimised.

Who are the workshops for?

These workshops are specifically designed for organisations who are expecting to or have experienced organisational restructures and want to align and engage their people, managers and teams with the organisation and its direction.

Leaders & line managers

Consider personal impact of the restructure

Agree business rationale and a common "story"

Build a clear vision and communication plan

Understand how to lead through change and manage reactions to change

Develop resilient leadership

Understand non-financial motivators

Action planning


Understand the business rationale for restructure

Understand their place and role in this

Re-build trust in the organisation

Manage emotion and build emotional resilience

Understand key drivers and how these impact behaviour

Implement coping strategies

Action planning



Understand the business rationale for restructure

Understand the teams place and role in this

Understand reactions to change across the team

Use Lencioni's High Performing Team model as a framework

Build a new team vision

Understand differing styles in the team and how to effectively work together

Team action planning

Why Connor? The benefits for your organisation

The workshops combine psychological principles with experiential learning. This tried and tested approach addresses the most complex aspects of individual, team and business performance.

"Organisation restructures are never easy, but here at Connor we take the time to understand your organisation and work with you to transition your colleagues to ensure they stay engaged and motivated."Kate Keaney, head of HR services and talent & organisation development, Connor

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