Team development

Tailored to prime your people for business growth, challenging projects & the disruption of change in a fast-moving world.


Connor’s people-focused experts help high-performing teams to stretch their potential, teams going through M&A or reorganisation to come together around united goals, and underperforming or dysfunctional teams to work productively.

Our clients range from bid teams to admissions teams to organisations seeking equality and diversity training. When team leaders change or an organisation embarks on a fresh strategic direction, you also have a golden opportunity to improve team culture and engagement.

“We have increased capabilities and matured as an organisation. Connor help to manage any insecurities and uncertainties, keeping our teams engaged throughout.”HR director, energy company

Why choose Connor

  • We offer VoicePrint, a unique tool that explores the impact of tone of voice and choice of words to improve influence and team performance.
  • For lasting behavioural change we really get to know your team, build relationships, feel part of it and tailor our programmes to team outcomes.
  • Safe, honest and open sessions to draw out challenges, identify root causes and develop an action plan that can be embedded in the team’s daily operation.
  • Progressive team development over a period of weeks or months with half or full-day team coaching sessions.
  • Smarter than the traditional “classroom” approach, our leadership and team development allows you to measure and demonstrate ROI.
“VoicePrint has made a big impact on me. I consciously steer away from using my controlling voice and I’m achieving outcomes that I wasn’t getting before.”Senior sales manager, oil and gas industry

Exceptional team coaching

Connor’s team development programme supports teams to be greater than the sum of their parts. We have replaced conventional raft-building team days with deep-rooted scientific coaching skills around mindset and behaviour. 

Our exceptional range of team coaches are specifically trained to get the best out of your teams, deploying Connor’s acclaimed human touch. Having had in-house careers themselves, they can relate to your challenges.

We also offer executive level team development for those in leadership positions.

To discuss a team development programme for your organisation, diversity and inclusion training, team coaching and learning development, contact us today. We will be happy to explain the process of team development and how you will benefit.


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