Manager development

Managers are the heart of every organisation but in today’s fast-changing world their role may be challenging and they can struggle.


When line managers are well trained, everything moves more smoothly. Grievances and disciplinaries are dealt with, underperformance is swiftly addressed, engagement and morale increase, turnover falls and employees are inspired by effective leaders to perform.

So much that happens as the grassroots of an organisation is influenced by managers, so ensuring they are maximising their potential is fundamental. Connor's line manager training programmes help managers at any stage in their career - from employees newly promoted, who need to develop those essential skills in managing individuals and teams, to experienced managers who are looking to hone their skills and perhaps start managing other managers.  

“It’s stimulating to tackle a new challenge, but stepping up means stretching and testing yourself with new things. Connor gave me the space and time to think about what I needed to do to be successful.”Sales manager

Why choose Connor

  • Our programmes are never "off the shelf". We take care to make sure that your programme is relevant to the needs of your learners.
  • Connor management training is rooted in examples from your organisation: we run diagnosis and stakeholder interviews so we really understand your challenges and can match them.
  • We combine expertise in mindset and behavioural coaching with practical skills, tools and techniques. This delivers positive change in your workplace and measurable return on investment.

Management training and development

No two development courses we run will look the same, because each is tailored to the needs of your learners - but they all follow the same journey. We start with helping learners understand their own management style, and from there look at how they can most effectively manage other individuals. From there we build up to managing teams (which are, of course, made up of individuals) and finally we look at how to connect a manager's team with the wider organisational strategy and objectives.


A range of the topics below can be combined to support new managers to step up to their roles, and develop experienced managers even further to optimise their effectiveness.

Introduction to management

  • How to develop your authentic management style
  • How to influence your peers and make the step up to manager
  • Effective delegation and empowerment
  • Managing performance and tackling performance issues
  • How to build an effective team
  • Running highly effective team meetings
  • Giving constructive feedback in both positive and negative situations
  • Fully understanding the critical role of the manager in organisations

Intermediate management

  • Understanding the difference between a manager and a leader
  • Understanding the impact your style has on people and culture
  • Motivating and retaining talent and how to plan for succession
  • Managing individual reactions to change
  • How to build a high performing team
  • How to build a team vision and work towards it
  • Building people engagement plans
  • Managing financials
“The managers who went on the programme are now leading their teams more effectively.”Head of learning & development, SAS


Video: Watch Lee Cumberland from Whirlpool discuss how Connor supported the organisation in the development of 6 business managers.

Video: Watch Taylor Mumby talk about her experience of going through a Connor-designed manager development programme at Whirlpool.


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