Communicating and influencing training for sales people

Building high performance behaviours and mindset in your sales teams


Would your organisation like to improve its sales results? We're sure there isn't an organisation out there that would say no. Yet, while many organisations invest in technical sales training, few consider the behavioural capability of their sales team.

To truly transform your sales team, consider how effective the sales mindset is within your organisation and how versatile the influencing skills are of your sales people? 

At the heart of any sales role is the ability to build rapport and relationships quickly, overcome mental blockers, set powerful goals and communicate with influence and impact. It is these behaviours that turn a £20,000 opportunity in to a £100,000 deal. This programme uses a range of tools to help individuals explore their personal communication patterns, mindset and blockers, to deliver improvements in sales performance.

"My team came away with a new level of drive and commitment. I'm amazed at the difference it has made to the team's performance and our bottom line."Managing director, professional services organisation

Who is it suitable for?

This training is suitable for individuals in a front line, sales targeted role, who will be familiar with sales models and have more than one year of experience in sales.

What training do we offer your organisation?

Our two to four-day programme focuses on sustainable behavioural change. With a range of content, we will work with you to tailor a personal programme fit to the needs of your organisation.

It will be delivered by expert facilitators, giving your team access to both a technical sales expert with deep experience in sales and relevant examples to share, and a behavioural and mindset expert who can stretch and challenge the delegates thinking and act as coach.

This combines sales expertise, behavioural training and experiential learning, giving your sales team greater dexterity and sensitivity to what their audience needs to be positively influenced and won over. 

What's involved?

Typical content can involve:

  • Complete an individual and 360 feedback analysis of their communication style.
  • Review the sales process aligned to their communication style, working on ways to improve their impact and influence.
  • Consider who is in the buying process and how to understand and flex their style to influence them.
  • Look their personal style and how to adapt it for different stakeholders.
  • Look at their personal blockers – what stops them and how they can expand accounts.
  • Consider their sales habits and beliefs – what could they do differently?
  • Interact in practical communication, influencing and sales skills activities which help them put their knowledge and new understanding into practice and creates a competitive environment.
  • Build powerful goals for improved performance, and a team mindset that helps the team as a whole and the individuals within it stay on track with their goals.

What learning outcomes will your people achieve? 

By the end of the programme delegates will have gained experience and understanding of:

  • The common and enabling behaviours in an effective sales person, an understanding of their own natural preferences and identified strengths and gaps to develop.
  • How to step up and deliver sales results more effectively, combining technical, mindset and behavioural development.
  • How to overcome barriers effectively, improve their listening and communication skills, increasing their confidence.
  • Learn practical skills and instantly put them in to practice.

Ultimately this will improve the performance of your sales team, increasing individual sales performance and their ability to win the bigger accounts, making your organisation more successful.

What can you expect? 

  • Individual self-perception report on 'how you think you talk' along with feedback from managers, peers and direct reports on 'how you’re actually heard'
  • Group or one to one coaching with individual feedback on communication and influencing
  • Residential programme to improve the performance of your sales team by looking and key technical and behavioural competencies
  • Expert facilitators

Also included 

  • Accommodation where required, with breakfast at one of two hotels: Highgate House in Northamptonshire or Woodside in Warwickshire
  • Unlimited refreshments throughout the programme
  • An extensive four-course hot and cold buffet lunch
  • Delicious four-course evening meal where required
  • Use of leisure facilities, including a swimming pool and gym

Example two-day programme based on two nights' accommodation

The below programme is for illustration purposes only. Content is tailored for each organisation to reflect their unique learning needs.

Before event

Complete a VoicePrint assessment and learn how to unlock the secrets of effective communication in a one-to-one coaching session

Evening meal

Day one


Welcome and introductions

Early morning – Practical activity to test out sales communication and spot development areas

Late morning – Learning new skills to improve sales communications


Early afternoon – Sales in action – applying skills learnt

Late afternoon – Increasing impact and influence and winning bigger accounts

Evening meal and study

Day two


Early morning – Challenging assumptions and perceptions

Late morning – Practical activity to practice learnings on influence and perceptions


Early afternoon – mindset in action, looking at blockers and how to overcome them

Late afternoon – live sales environment to practice all new skills

Event finishes

Partnership delivery

Teamscapes and Connor bring this exciting programme in partnership, meaning you benefit from the unique skills and experience in each organisation. Our combined offer is the UK's only selling, communicating and influencing programme of this type.

What are the costs?

We take a personal approach to sales training and our prices reflect that. Fill out the form on the right of the page and we'll be in touch.

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