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Building resilient, agile and authentic leaders of the future


Connor’s award-nominated INSPIRED leadership development programme is built to super-boost existing leaders and develop leaders of the future. It is built on our core believe that creating and sustaining a culture of high performance starts with the individual leader, which filters into their team and then the wider organisation.

How we can support you with your leadership development ambitions

Our INSPIRED programme contains a series of high-impact, experience-led modules designed to help individuals thrive and deliver incredible leadership in a fast-changing world. We enable improvements in the way your leaders THINK, COMMUNICATE, FEEL, ACT, IMPACT and LEAD.

Modules can be delivered individually or as a tailored end-to-end programme (face-to-face or virtually), supported and embedded by a variety of activities and experiences including individual leadership coaching.

Our content combines a unique blend of human science and ground-breaking tools, facilitated by experienced leadership experts and personalised to your specific business challenges and language.

This means our development is based on proven content, designed specifically to deliver measurable results in your organisation, whether you are looking to drive innovation, transformation, culture change, diverse thinking, exponential growth, strong leadership succession, or another ambition for your leaders.

“INSPIRED is the ultimate success programme. It was unique to attend something that helped me understand the psychology of success and change at an individual, team and business level, and gave me the skills to apply back in the day-to-day business, to help me and my team achieve more.”
Managing director, professional services company

The core leadership modules

  • THINK – applying the latest models from the field of cognitive psychology and the science of goal setting to support world-class goal setting, removal of barriers and greater thinking agility.
  • COMMUNICATE – underpinned by a unique 360 tool examining communication and impact, this helps leaders to build heightened awareness and dexterity in their communication style, particularly when under pressure.
  • FEEL – supports personal and leadership agility in a fast-changing environment, as well as understanding and supporting others in their response to pressure.
  • ACT – understanding what coaching is when applied in leadership, building practical coaching skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace to help others resolve challenges. Supports the building of a coaching culture.
  • IMPACT – combines feedback, skills development and neuroscience to give individuals greater dexterity and sensitivity in understanding their audience, in order to inspire and influence others.
  • LEAD – helps leaders become convincing role models to lead others successfully through change by aligning team and organisation culture with business objectives.

These modules are topped and tailed by diagnosis and impact analysis, supported by a range of innovative embedding activities such as adaptive coaching.

The benefits for your organisation

Whatever your goals, Connor will help you deliver the change you need in your organisation by enabling individuals to:

Working in close collaboration with your clients, our leadership programmes have driven significant and tangible results including:

  • Improving customer experience ratings in a large retail brand by 28 percentage points, to a stunning 98% approval rate, by boosting high performance mindset
  • Generating £1.2M annualised commercial gains for a utilities company by boosting creative problem solving and increasing leaders' confidence in coaching their teams by 30%

As a result, Connor has been nominated as one of the top people consultancies in the UK for delivering ROI as a result of our leadership development programmes.

“We saw an instant change in beliefs and behaviours – our people realised that they weren’t always coaching their teams in the right way. The managers who went on the programme are now leading their teams more effectively.”
Head of learning & development, SAS
“The difference in behaviour in our leadership team is astonishing and the quality of their output has improved noticeably. We’re thrilled with the fundamental changes you’ve made to our business.”
HR director, Flogas


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