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Enabling effective transformation for your organisation


Change is inevitable. You can't stop it happening, but you can ensure your people are ready for the challenge ahead. With the right skills, attitudes and behaviours, your people are your biggest asset. But, when left untapped, this powerful resource can become a potential barrier to change.

The INSPIRED Performance programme is a simple, effective way of getting right to the heart of individual, team and business performance. By developing employee resilience and agility, we prepare your people to lead and respond to change. This delivers significant improvements in performance, growth, innovation and customer experience.

What is INSPIRED Performance?

The INSPIRED Performance programme is built on our core belief that creating and sustaining a culture of high performance starts with the individual and then filters into teams and the organisation.

The programme is an experience-led set of modules, which are delivered face to face in groups of 8 to 14 people, who typically have a common goal, purpose or challenge. The modules tackle different and distinct aspects of improving performance relating to think, feel, act and lead.

The programme enables individuals to reach their full potential, and allows teams to develop the mutual trust needed to be effective. This creates a powerful cultural shift across the organisation, leading the way to effective change.

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Why Connor? The benefits for your organisation

Whatever your goals, we'll help you deliver the change you need by enabling you to:

  • inspire excellence. When managers are focused on a clear vision and goal, they provide a powerful and unifying driving force for their teams
  • identify the barriers. Understanding and committing to breaking down barriers and improving existing patterns is the first step.
  • build powerful communication skills. The ability to inspire, influence and engage people through the right communication and influencing skills lies at the heart of successful transformation.
  • increase resilience and flexibility, with tools that enable people to effectively manage their emotions and respond to change
  • create a collaborative environment that breeds high performance by both supporting and challenging everyone within it
  • develop your coaching skills, with practical tools to coach, mentor, manage and engage your teams and understand how the right balance of each will deliver the best results.
"We have increased capability and matured as an organisation. Connor has a personal relationship with every one of our board members. They helped to manage any insecurities and uncertainties, keeping them engaged throughout the programme." Sharon Platts, HR director, Flogas

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