Executive mentoring

Our personalised mentoring is built around each individual & has proven ROI


Executive mentoring will help your senior people improve their performance, confidence and resilience when they feel stuck or are struggling to find the answers. It is a different science to executive coaching, which is about unblocking mindset. 

Mentoring provides practical tips, tools, techniques and advice to move your leaders forward, and is tailored to each individual.

“In my management career this is the most rewarding and useful piece of development I’ve ever done. You haven’t tried to change who I am, but to refocus what I do with who I am.”Director, healthcare industry

Why choose Connor

 We do executive mentoring differently:

  • Mentoring that is rooted in your business and aligned to your short-term and long-term goals. We agree the ROI you want to achieve and deliver it.
  • Mentors are carefully matched to each executive’s professional and personal chemistry and have walked in their shoes. 
  • We construct a bespoke programme that suits your budget. Options include 360-degree feedback, psychometric tools such as VoicePrint and job shadowing/observation.
  • Qualified mentors who are professionally supervised, robustly assessed and undertake regular development so they get the very best out of your people.

Personalised executive mentoring

Connor’s expert mentors have similar or the same sector experience as your executives, so they can advise from a position of deep knowledge. They have been COO, CEO or MD themselves, and many of our mentors are still NEDs. Because we carefully pair mentors with leaders, they will have a background aligned to your professional needs, meaning they can give first-hand guidance to a leader who is new in a role or facing challenges.

Our personalised mentoring is built around each individual. Unlike traditional executive mentoring services, with Connor you purchase a ‘pool’ of mentoring hours to be matched to the mentoring needs of the executive, giving real in-the-moment learning for sustained, powerful results. Avoid the lag and loss of momentum caused by fixed timetabled sessions.

Return on investment from executive coaching and mentoring includes:

  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, sense of calm and reduced pressure.
  • Clear purpose, self-belief and confidence in navigating organisation politics and change.
  • Greater strategic thinking, leadership of their people and overall team performance.
  • More effective personal impact and ability to influence upwards.
  • Decreased risk of losing talent in critical risk roles.
“Connor has a personal relationship with every one of our board members.”HR director, utilities group

For executive mentoring London and executive mentoring UK, contact Connor today. We will be happy to explain the benefits for your organisation. 

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