CEO Training and Development

Give your organisation's leadership the crucial extra ingredient for success


It's a competitive marketplace out there. So it's vital that your CEO, or the person who is set to succeed them, is performing at their absolute peak if your organisation is to thrive.

In today's constantly changing world, the skills and techniques that leaders have learned in the past may no longer be enough to keep them, and your organisation, competitive. Whether you want to supercharge your current CEO, or you're preparing their successor for the role of leadership, the right kind of CEO training can make an incredible difference to your organisation's performance. 

Enter CEO training and development from Connor

With over 25 years' experience working with some of the most prestigious brands in the world, Connor focuses CEOs on understanding and developing their mindset, behaviours, impact, and their ability to lead in an agile and strategic way.

By looking at these fundamental elements of leadership, CEOs can find crucial marginal gains in their performance - and that of the organisation they lead. Your CEO will gain the confidence to navigate changeable and uncertain times, bringing the rest of the organisation together with a strong vision that enables the organisation to evolve, and your people to thrive.

CEO training built in partnership with you

At Connor we understand that CEO development needs to be highly tailored and high-impact to help them to unlock the toughest and most fundamental last 10% of their performance. To make sure this happens, we always work hand in hand with you and your organisation to create a CEO training programme that's:

  • Personalised to your CEO's objectives, outcome-focused, and planned to deliver measurable ROI.
  • Adaptable, fitting around their schedules and able to flex to take advantage of valuable learning opportunities as and when they happen.
  • Run by coaches who are peers of your CEO themselves. Our coaches are rigorously assessed and professionally qualified, and also and attend regular top-up development sessions.
  • Able to incorporate a range of 360-degree feedback and psychometric tools such as VoicePrint to make sure that the training is as close a fit for your CEO as possible.

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