Personalised mentoring for your employees, built around each individual & with proven ROI


When people in your organisation feel stuck or are struggling to find answers to the challenges they face, productivity can stall and morale can dip. Our mentoring programmes can help people improve their performance, confidence and resilience. Mentoring is a different science to coaching, which is about unblocking mindset. 

Mentoring provides practical tips, tools, techniques and advice to move your people forward, and is tailored to each individual.

Why choose Connor 

We do mentoring differently:

  • Mentoring that is rooted in your business and aligned to your short-term and long-term goals. We agree the ROI you want to achieve and deliver it.
  • Mentors are carefully matched to each individual's professional and personal chemistry and have walked in their shoes. 
  • We construct a bespoke programme that suits your budget. Options include 360-degree feedback, psychometric tools such as VoicePrint and job shadowing/observation.
  • Qualified mentors who are professionally supervised, robustly assessed and undertake regular development so they get the very best out of your people.
“Mentoring benefits the company and the individual. It is a more engaging and participative experience for your employees because they learn what to do.”People development lead, SAS

Personalised mentoring

Connor’s expert mentors’ collective sector expertise means we are uniquely positioned to advise from a position of deep knowledge.  Whether you are seeking CEO mentoring or a mentor for your head of finance, sales manager, customer service manager, head of L&D, HR manager or another role, we will match them with just the right person. Because we carefully pair mentors with leaders, they will have a background aligned to your professional needs, meaning they can give first-hand guidance in a style that suits each individual.

Our personalised mentoring is built around each employee. Unlike traditional mentoring services, with Connor you can purchase a ‘pool’ of mentoring hours to be used when it suits your busy schedule – we work flexibly to fit you.  This gives real in-the-moment learning for sustained, powerful results.

Read about the return on investment you can expect here.
“We had a number of experienced, talented senior people plus some newer arrivals. Connor removed any assumptions that limited our ability to change and embrace new thinking.”HR director, Flogas

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