Today, organisations are facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change.


Whatever challenges you are up against, coaching enables your people to perform at their best, thrive despite change and rebuild their confidence. Coaching from Connor is designed to mesh seamlessly with the modern workplace, providing expert interventions that deliver measurable ROI.

Who benefits from coaching?

In truth, almost anyone can benefit from professional coaching services. Our clients commonly use coaching for the following people:

  • Individuals who want support and challenge with a peer-level coach, giving them time to think and plan.
  • Managers who are technically strong, but want to enhance and develop their people and influencing skills.
  • High-potential “flight risk” employees you want to invest in to retain.
  • People experiencing significant stretch in their role or under stress.
  • Individuals promoted to a new role without the right support, struggling to adapt to change or facing project challenges.
“Connor show a real passion for what they do and truly care about the people they work with. I would highly recommend them.”HR director, technology sector

Coaching from Connor

You can access coaching with Connor in a few different ways:

Coaching programmes

We can run coaching programmes for individuals, groups, or teams, covering a variety of topics. We provide:

  • Personalised coaching tailored to your objectives, outcome focused, rooted in the business and delivering measurable ROI.
  • Rigorously assessed qualified coaches who are professionally supervised and attend regular development sessions.
  • Peer-level coaches carefully matched to each executive’s professional and personal chemistry to ensure they will get the best out of your senior people.
  • Programmes to suit a range of budgets, constructed from a set of options tailored to fit you, including 360-degree feedback, psychometric tools such as VoicePrint and job shadowing/observation.
Read about the return on investment you can expect here.

Adaptive coaching

We know that traditional coaching programmes aren't always right for people. Committing to a fixed series of sessions, at fixed times, can be hard if someone's role or life outside work isn't set up to accommodate.

At Connor we are proud to offer adaptive coaching programmes built around the specific needs of your individual. Unlike traditional coaching services, adaptive coaching enables individuals to arrange sessions at times, locations and in formats convenient to them. Your organisation can purchase a ‘pool’ of coaching hours to be used in this way; the result is a coaching programme that truly engages coachees, reduces the risk of wasted coaching hours, and enables you to offer coaching out to more people in your organisation than you might have thought possible.

Learn more about adaptive coaching here.
“We had promoted our best technical and sales people and recognised we could make improvements to the support we gave them. We developed and improved their capabilities by investing in Connor coaching as a core discipline of the management role.”Learning & development Lead, energy sector

For management coaching and business coaching UK, contact Connor today. We will be happy to explain the benefits for your organisation.


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