Adaptive Coaching

A flexible, agile method of coaching that delivers results for your whole organisation.


Developing your people to peak performance is more important than ever before. But in the modern workplace, finding the time for traditional, fixed office-based coaching sessions is hard.

This can make it difficult for senior leaders to get the most out of coaching - and make it impossible for you to offer coaching out to more than a few people in your organisation.

That's why we've created adaptive coaching.

Coaching at times and in formats that suit your people

Adaptive coaching enables learners to choose when and how they receive coaching. If they're regularly on the move, coaching sessions can be held online. If they aren't in the office regularly, sessions can be rearranged on a week-by week basis. It's all designed to ensure that your learners get the most out of coaching.

Of course, choosing Connor as your adaptive coaching provider means that those flexible, agile coaching sessions all delivered with our trademark human touch. Your learners will benefit from:

  • Personalised coaching tailored to their objectives that's outcome focused, rooted in the business and delivers measurable ROI.
  • Rigorously assessed, qualified coaches who are professionally supervised and attend regular development sessions.
  • Peer-level coaches who are carefully chemistry-matched to each learner, ensuring they will get the best out of your people.
  • Programmes to suit a range of budgets, constructed from a set of options tailored to fit your organisation's needs, including 360-degree feedback, psychometric tools such as VoicePrint and job shadowing/observation.

A framework for building a coaching culture

Implementing adaptive coaching in your organisation doesn't just deliver great results for your people - it enables you to make coaching more cost-effective per head, by only providing people with the support they need rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

When you work with use to provide adaptive coaching for your organisation, we'll help you by:

  • Working with you to build a structure for dealing with coaching requests from across your organisation
  • Establishing criteria for apportioning time from a 'pool' of coaching hours across departments and business units.
  • Managing the admin of your coaching programme, enabling you to track usage and outcomes of coaching, and therefore ROI, of adaptive coaching for your organisation.

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