Coaching & mentoring

Flexible, personalised coaching and mentoring that is tailored to your business goals.


In turbulent times it can be challenging for your people to adapt to the pace of change. Whether individuals are long-standing employees or in a new role, coaching or mentoring can unlock their potential to improve confidence, resilience and performance.

Connor offers flexible, personalised coaching and mentoring that is tailored to your business goals. With sessions designed around each individual, it delivers measurable return on investment.

“Connor’s coaching service has been fundamental in helping our individuals to maximise their potential. The service has increased our talent retention and employee morale.”Managing director, manufacturing sector

Why choose Connor

  • A resolutely human approach. Connor provides tailored and personal development that feels part of your organisation.
  • We work with people across your organisation, from graduates to board members, managing directors and CEOs. We have coaches and mentors to suit all styles, with varying organisation and sector backgrounds.
  • Choose between a flexible hours package or a more traditional programme with a set number of sessions.

Passionate about people

The coaching and mentoring market is flooded with individuals calling themselves a coach or mentor, but few are regularly assessed, in continuous professional development and supervised on an ongoing basis. At Connor this rigour is the bedrock of our approach ­ – because we are passionate about empowering people to achieve the very best results for your organisation.

Our service is of the highest standard: our team of coaches are assessed not only for their business and sector background but also for their instincts, intuition and style. We take precise care to chemistry-match each of your employees with the best expert for a seamless cultural fit.

We also offer executive level coaching and mentoring for those in leadership positions.

Return on investment from coaching and mentoring includes:

  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, sense of calm and reduced pressure.
  • Clear purpose, self-belief and confidence in navigating organisation politics and change.
  • Greater strategic thinking, leadership of their people and overall team performance.
  • More effective personal impact and ability to influence upwards .
  • Decreased risk of losing talent in roles that are hard to fill.

To find out more about Connor’s coaching and mentoring service in London and across the UK, contact us today. We will be happy to explain the benefits for your organisation.

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