Outplacement support for your organisation

Helping people leaving you to move on quickly and confidently.


Outplacement support provides employees who are leaving your organisation with practical career skills, advice and coaching to find their next role quickly and confidently.

By providing outplacement through Connor, your organisation sends a clear message that you value your employees. At Connor we provide tailored outplacement support for people at all levels of your business.

How Connor's tailored outplacement service benefits your organisation

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved morale
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Protected brand reputation
  • Increased organisational stability

From individuals to large-scale collective redundancy, Connor offers a service that is as big or small as you need, and always tailored to your budget.

"Connor is the best outplacement supplier in the market and a true partner of our business."Vice president HR, Gartner

The Connor difference

  1. Protect your brand. There's always a risk of reputational damage if an organisation doesn't manage its workforce transformations effectively. Our one-to-one service is highly valued by the individuals we support, reducing the likelihood of negative feedback being left in the public domain.
  2. Live your values. Employees are putting ever-increasing importance on the culture, values and ethics of the organisation that they work for. Redundancy is a critical opportunity to show that an organisation ‘walks the walk’. We work to protect your employer brand and in turn, attract and retain the best talent.
  3. Maintain productivity. Everyone receives a bespoke, face to face service built around their specific needs, for as long as it takes for them to find their next opportunity. With a failsafe personal job plan to help them move on, morale is maintained and leavers contribute until they move on.
  4. Prove ROI. The quality of the Connor service gives organisations demonstrable results in terms of continued employee engagement, loyalty and productivity. By working with you as a true business partner, Connor brings crucial stability to your organisation at a time of change.
  5. More than just outplacement. Connor's breadth of experience tackling organisational change and growth projects means we can support you beyond outplacement itself. Through one partnership you gain access to a trusted resource for handling an extremely diverse range of projects.
 “People remember how you’ve made them redundant. Working with Connor gives us the best chance to help our leavers move on quickly, realise their potential elsewhere and have a positive view of us as an employer.”Global HR, Gazprom Marketing & Trading

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One-to-one outplacement

Group outplacement

International outplacement

What does outplacement support cost?

Rather than a fixed cost for services you may not need, we offer bespoke pricing for every case. Talk to us today for a quote based on your specific requirements.

For more information on our outplacement services UK and international, please download our brochure.

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