Outplacement explained


When employees are leaving an organisation, outplacement support provides practical career advice and coaching to help them find their next role quickly and confidently.

At Connor it includes deciding what to do next, CV writing and LinkedIn, targeting the job market, interview preparation, handling multiple job offers, salary and benefits negotiation, and onboarding – the science of adjusting to life in a new role. Unlike providers who offer only remote online support, general workshops and time-limited help, Connor is passionate about high quality, personalised service.

"With Connor I was treated as an individual and not a candidate. They were incredibly committed and made me feel worthy again. I’m very happy with my new job" Legal manager, outplacement candidate

Matching you with the right consultant 

We have a talent for putting people with people and we're passionate about creating the right partnership. Your peer level consultant will be carefully matched to suit your professional and personal chemistry – with the style and knowledge to ensure you receive the very best support. In over 25 years, we have never got it wrong twice. Matching includes:

  • Initial conversation
  • Consultant matching
  • Selection process
  • Briefing the consultant
  • Chemistry meeting
  • Follow-up
  • Success
Read more here about how we match you with the right consultant.

The six steps of outplacement

We value individuality and recognise the unique needs of every person we support and our tailored services reflect that. Every individual receives support built around them, but broadly speaking we add value through these six steps:

  1. Taking stock and working out what’s next
  2. Getting ready to go to market
  3. Building the pipeline of opportunities
  4. The recruitment process and interview preparation
  5. Negotiation and offers
  6. Onboarding
Find out more about the six steps of outplacement here.

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